lifeblood: songs

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1 2 3 - by amy ray and ellen james society (background)
11th untitled song - by bill berry, peter buck, mike mills, and michael stipe
12 - by dom kelly
32 seconds - by michelle malone
331 - by emily saliers (background)

a heart in new york - by benny gallagher and graham lyle
a little good news - by tommy rocco, charlie black, and rory bourke
able to sing - by emily saliers
acadian driftwood - by j.r. robertson
ain't no sunshine - by bill withers
alien anthem -by belloluna
airplane - by emily saliers (background)
alberta - emily saliers
all along the watchtower - by bob dylan
all my trials - by traditional
all that we let in - by emily saliers (background)
all the way - by emily saliers (background)
all we need - by unknown
already fine - by tylan
american tune - by paul simon
andy - by emily saliers (background)
angel egg - by amy ray
angel from montgomery - by john prine
angels we have heard on high - traditional
animal - by big fish ensemble
another on the rise - by caroline aiken
any single solitary heart - joh hiatt and mike porter
anyhow - by amy ray

baby don't you break my heart slow - by vonda shepard and james newton howard
back off my joy - emily saliers (background)
back together again - by emily saliers (background)
ballad in plain d - emily saliers
bartender's blues - by james taylor
be the one - by sonia rutstein
beacon sun - by quiet hounds
beauty queen sister - amy ray (background)
beautiful guitar - by emily saliers
beauty to disaster - by amy ray
become you - by amy ray (background)
behind the lies - by (unknown)
big yellow taxi - by joni mitchell
bird in the hand - by amy ray
birds of a feather - by amy ray
birthday song - by emily saliers
bitterroot - by amy ray
black heart today - by amy ray (background)
blame is a killer - by amy ray
blender - by amy ray
blister in the sun - by the violent femmes
blood and fire - by amy ray (background)
blood quantum - by amy ray and emily saliers (background)
bondsman (evening in missouri) - by amy ray
born to run - by bruce springsteen
box of tissues - by sonya rutstein
boxes of bones - don conoscenti
broken blossoms - by tom springfield and robert anthony gray
broken record - by amy ray
broken wings heal - by caroline aiken
burn all the letters - by emily saliers (background)
burn on the blacktop - by (unknown)
bury my heart at wounded knee - by buffy sainte-marie (background)
butler field - by caroline aiken
bus bus - by amy ray

can we go higher - by nenad bach and john tempane
cannonball - by brandi carlile
caramia - by emily saliers (background)
can't find my way home - by (unknown)
careless youth - by amy ray
carolina in my mind - by james taylor
carolina in the pines - by michael martin murphey
caroline - by brandi carlile
carry me away - by amy ray
cedar tree - by amy ray (background)
center stage - by amy ray (background)
champagne high - by sister hazel
change my heart - by emily saliers
chiapas bound - by amy ray (background)
chickenman - by amy ray (background)
christmastime in washington - by steve earle
city of sin - by big fish ensemble
clampdown - by joe stummer and jones
closer to fine - by emily saliers (background)
clues to you - by amy ray
cold as ice - by amy ray
cold beer and remote control - by emily saliers (background)
cold shoulder - by amy ray
collecting you - by emily saliers
come a long way - by emily saliers
come down in time - by elton john and bernie taupin
come on home - by emily saliers
comfort is deep - by caroline aiken
compromise - by amy ray (background)
connecticut to carolina - by heather mcentire, jenks miller, and casey toll
cordova - by amy ray
cortez the killer - by neil young
could we start again please - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
country radio - by emily saliers
country road - by james taylor
covered for you - by amy ray
cowgirl in the sand - by neil young
crazy game - by emily saliers
crying - by roy orbison and joe melson
crying in the wilderness - by amy ray
cum on feel the noize - by noddy holder and jim lea
cut it out - by amy ray

dadgum down - by amy ray
daddy's all gone - by james taylor
dairy queen - by amy ray
damo - by amy ray
dancing girl - by kodac harrison
dancing shoes - by dan fogelberg
dangerous man - by dwight yoakum
danny's song - by kenny loggins
dark globe - by syd barrett
dead man's hill - by amy ray (background)
dear mr. president - by pink
deconstuction - by emily saliers
devil moon - by michelle malone
devotion - by amy ray (background)
didn't know a damn thing - by amy ray
digging for your dream - by emily saliers (background)
dirt and dead ends - by amy ray
do you hear what i hear - by noel regney
don't fear the reaper - donald roeser
don't give that girl a gun - by amy ray (background)
don't give up on me baby - by emily saliers
don't think twice, it's all right - by bob dylan
down by the river - by neil young
draw the line - by amy ray
dreams - by stevie nicks
drift away - by mentor williams
driver education - by amy ray (background)
duane allman - by amy ray (background)
duncan - by paul simon
dying day - by brandi carlile

easy with love - by ferron
elizabeth - by emily saliers (background)
emily's song - by emily saliers
empire of our state - by ty greenstein
ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with) - by the buzzcocks
everybody's waiting (for someone to come home) - by amy ray
everything in its own time - by emily saliers (background)
everything's alright - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
everything's alright (reprise) - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice

fade away blind - by kristen hall
fall's lullaby - by catbird seat
falling star - by amy ray
fare thee well - by emily saliers (background)
father and son - by cat stevens
favorite flavor - amy ray
faye tucker - by amy ray (background)
feed and water the horses - by emily saliers
feel this way again - emily saliers
fill it up again - by emily saliers
findlay, ohio 1968 - emily saliers
fine with the dark - by amy ray
finlandia - by jean sibelius, english text by lloyd stone
fire and rain - by james taylor
first we take manhattan - by leonard cohen
fishtails - amy ray (background)
fleet of hope - by emily saliers (background)
fly - by emily saliers
fly away - by emily saliers
following my compass - by kristen hall
fool for your love - by (unknown)
for free - joni mitchell
free fallin' - by tom petty
free in you - by emily saliers
free money - by patti smith
free of hope - by vic chestnutt
free through eternity (also known as 'you are free') - by amy ray
freebird - by allen collins and ronnie van zant
freebird/stairway to heaven/sweet home alabama
from haiti - by amy ray (background)
fugitive - by amy ray (background)

galileo - by emily saliers (background)
get out the map - by emily saliers (background)
get together - by c powers
gethsemane (i only want to say) - by andrew lloyd weber and tim rice
ghost - by emily saliers (background)
ghost of the gang - by amy ray
girls talk - by elvis costello
give in - by amy ray
give it a go - by amy ray
glow - by amy ray
go - by amy ray (background)
god in heaven - by cooper seay, chris mcguire, scott bland, and jan dykes
go go go - by amy ray (background)
god in heaven - by cooper seay, chris mcguire, scott bland, and jan dykes
going to the country - by emily saliers
gone - by emily saliers and annie roboff
goodnight irene - by huddie ledbetter and john lomax
goodnight tender - by amy ray
gone again - by amy ray
gossip - by mrs. fun
grace - words by emily saliers, music by sara lee/harvey jones
gracie's dawn (prelude) - by brian speiser

hairshirt - by bill berry, peter buck, mike mills, and michael stipe
half moon cafe - by emily saliers
hammer and a nail - by emily saliers (background)
hammond song - by margaret a. roche
hand in hand - by mark knopfler
hand me downs - by amy ray
happy in the sorrow key - by amy ray (background)
happy trails/stairway to heaven/sweet home alabama
happy joyous hanukkah - woody guthrie
hard travelin' - woody guthrie
harpers - by mimi goese
heartache central time - by haynes brooke and david devries
heartache for everyone - by amy ray
hejira - by joni mitchell
hello vietnam - by emily saliers (background)
here i am - by tony arata
her town too - by james taylor
hey castrator - by amy ray
hey jesus - by emily saliers
hey kind friend - by amy ray (background)
hey you - by woody harrelson
(hidden track from holler) (starts at about the 4:45 mark in "didn't know a damn thing")
high horse - by emily saliers (background)
higher mind - by heather mcentire, jenks miller, and casey toll
history of us - by emily saliers
holler - by amy ray with additional music by jeff fielder
holy city - by amy ray
homeward bound - by paul simon
hope alone - by emily saliers and annie roboff
hosanna - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
house at pooh corner - by kenny loggins
howl at the moon - by amy ray
hunter's prayer - by amy ray (background)

i believe in love - by emily saliers (background)
i built a town - by heather mcentire, jenks miller, and casey toll
i didn't - by amy ray
i don't know how to love him - by andrew lloyd weber and tim rice
i don't know your name - by amy ray and emily saliers
i don't wanna know - by michelle malone and amy ray
i don't wanna talk about it - by danny whitten (background)
i feel the christmas spirit - joe isaacs
i gave everything - kristen hall
i hate myself for loving you - by joan jett and desmond child
i shall be released - by bob dylan
i should have never crossed your path - by emily saliers
i wanna be your dog - by dave alexander, ron asheton, scott asheton, and iggy pop
if i don't leave here now - emily saliers (background)
if there was a way - dwight yoakum
if you live like that - by amy ray and emily saliers
i'll be home for christmas - buck ram, kim gannon, walter kent
i'll be there (also known as 'always be there') - by amy ray
i'll change by emily saliers
i'll give you my skin - by emily saliers, amy ray and michael stipe
i'm going to make you love me - by gary michael louris and taylor rhodes
i'm high i'm on high - by emily saliers
imagination - by emily saliers, kristen hall, and lucy kaplansky
in the bleak midwinter - traditional
insomniac - by kristian bush
instrumental #3 - by emily saliers
intermission - by amy ray and emily saliers
it really is (a wonderful life) - chely wright
it won't take long - by ferron
it's all right - kristen hall
it's alright - by emily saliers (background)
it's too late - by carole king
itsy bitsy spider - by traditional

j'aurais voulu - by emily saliers (background)
jacob's ladder-this train revised - by amy ray
jenny - by marqueze etheridge and tomi martin
jessie's girl - by rick springfield
jesus christ by the no one faction
jesus take the wheel by brett james, hillary lindsey and gordie sampson
jesus was a walking man - by amy ray
john - emily saliers
johnny rottentale - by amy ray (background)
johnny sue - by amy ray
joking - by amy ray (background)
jonas and ezekial - by amy ray (background)
junkies lament - by james taylor
just passing time - by amy ray

k.c. girl - by amy ray
keeper of my heart - by amy ray (background)
keep on growin' - by (unknown)
kid fears - by amy ray (background)
killing time - by dede vogt
knockin' on heaven's door - by bob dylan

labor of love - by andrew peterson
land of canaan - by amy ray (background)
language or the kiss - by emily saliers
laramie - by amy ray
last taxi fare - by amy ray
last tears - by emily saliers
late bloom - by amy ray
lay my head down - by emily saliers
lazyboy - by amy ray
learned it on me - emily saliers (background)
least complicated - by emily saliers (background)
leaving - by emily saliers (background)
leeds - by emily saliers (background)
left me a fool - by emily saliers
let it be me - by emily saliers (background)
let it go - by brandi carlile and emily saliers
let it rain - kristen hall
let it ring - by amy ray
let me go easy - by amy ray
let the spirit - by amy ray
letter to eve - by pete seeger
levon - by elton john and bernie taupin
lifeblood - by emily saliers
life's so strange - by emily saliers
lights in the sky - by belloluna
little perennials - by amy ray
little revolution - by amy ray
locked up - by emily saliers and lyris hung
long ago and far away - by james taylor
long haul - by emily saliers (background)
long love century - michelle malone
look long - by emily saliers
looking glass smiles - by catbird seat
looking out - by brandi carlile
losing touch - by amy ray
love by you - by joan armatrading
love is a lion - gerard mchugh
love of our lives - by emily saliers (background)
love of the common people - by paul young
love the one you're with - by stephen stills
love will come to you - by emily saliers
love's recovery - by emily saliers (background)
lucystoners - by amy ray (background)
lung of love - amy ray (background)

madness is a numbered face - by james hall
make it easier - by emily saliers
make this house a home - by amy ray and michelle malone
making promises - by amy ray (background)
malachy's - by the roches
mandy - by scott english and richard kerr
mariner moonlighting - by amy ray
match - by emily saliers and kristen hall) (background)
me and my baby - by amy ray
measure of me - by amy ray (background)
melissa - by allman/alaimo
midnight train to georgia - by james d. weatherly
miracle temple holiness - by heather mcentire, jenks miller, and casey toll
mission of angels - by caroline aiken
mistletoe - amy ray
moment of forgiveness - by amy ray
moment of glory - by sonia rutstein
moonbeam diatribe - by belloluna
mona lisas and mad hatters - by elton john and bernie taupin
money made you mean - by amy ray
more pills - by amy ray
motive - by cooper seay, chris mcguire, scott bland, and jan dykes
mrs. robinson - by paul simon
mtns of glory - by amy ray
muster - by amy ray
my dog - by amy ray
mystery - by emily saliers (background)

nashville - by amy ray (background)
never stop - by emily saliers
no expectations - by mick jagger and keith richards
no way out (also known as 'scared to say we're friends') - by amy ray
no way to treat a friend - by amy ray
not a pretty girl - by ani difranco
nuevas senoritas - by amy ray (background)

o holy night - john s. dwight
oh city man - by amy ray with additional music by jeff fielder, matt smith, kerry brooks, and adrian carter
ok corral - by emily saliers (background)
old lady interlude - by amy ray
old mcdonald had a farm - by traditional
olympia inn - by amy ray
one day at a time - by emily saliers
on your honor - by amy ray
one moment to another - by jon dee graham
one weekend theme (instrumental) - by emily saliers
or - by rose polenzani
our deliverance - by emily saliers (background)
out in the country - by kristen hall
out on the farm - by amy ray
oyster and pearl - by amy ray (background)
ozilline - by amy ray (background)

pacifier - by hannah thomas
peace by tomorrow - by frank french
peace child - traditional
peace song - by emily saliers
peace tonight - by emily saliers
pendulum swinger - by emily saliers
pennies on the track - by amy ray
perfect world - by amy ray
peter's denial - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
philosophy of loss - by emily saliers (background)
pilate and christ - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
play it again sam - by emily saliers
play that funky music white boy - by rob parissi
please call me, baby - by tom waits
poethearted - by emily saliers
point hope, f.o.i.a. - by amy ray (background)
poor jerusalem - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
powderfinger - by neil young
power of two - by emily saliers (background)
pretty vision - by amy ray
primative - by ferron
prince of darkness - by emily saliers
problem child - by amy ray
pushing the needle too far - by amy ray (background)
put it out for good - by amy ray

rabbit foot - by amy ray
racing in the street - by bruce springsteen
ramblin' round - by woody guthrie
ready to settle - words by amanda green, music by tom kitt
red river valley - by marty robbins
redemption song - by bob marley
refugee - by tom petty and mike campbell
reunion - by amy ray (background)
rise up - by emily saliers
river - by joni mitchell
rock and roll heaven's gate - by amy ray
rock me on the water - by jackson browne
rockin' in the free world - by neil young
rodeo - by amy ray
romeo and juliet - by mark knopfler (background)
run - by emily saliers
running from the cold - by amy ray
rural faggot - by amy ray

sad one - by emily saliers
salty south - by amy ray
sandstorm in sahara - by emily saliers
sara smile - by daryl hall and john oates
scooter boys - by amy ray (background)
second coming - by emily saliers
second time around - by amy ray (background)
secure yourself - by amy ray
serpent love - by emily saliers
shame on you - by amy ray (background)
share the moon - by amy ray
she's got to be - by amy ray
she's saving me - by emily saliers
shed your skin - by amy ray (background)
shit kickin' - by amy ray (background)
simon zealotes/poor jerusalem - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
sister - by amy ray
sister (reprise) - by amy ray
sister - by sarah bettens
slc radio - by amy ray
sleep - by holly beth vincent
sleepy sunday morning - by michelle malone
slow down day friend - by emily saliers
slow moving sea (also known as 'anyone but myself') - by amy ray
sober girl - by amy ray
soft line - by lucy wainwright roche
solid ground - by janet mclaughlan
solo el amor (only love) - by sandi patty
something wicked (this way comes) - by siouxsie and the banshees
something real - by emily saliers
soon be to nothing - by emily saliers (background)
sorrow and joy - by emily saliers
southern california is your girlfriend - emily saliers (background)
southern man - by neil young
sparrow's boogie - by amy ray
sparrow's lullaby - by amy ray
southland in the springtime - by emily saliers
spider - by emily saliers
spread the pain around - by amy ray (background)
stand and deliver - by amy ray
spread the pain around - by amy ray
stairway to heaven - by jimmy page and robert plant
stand up - by ferron
starkville - by amy ray
still my baby - by (unknown)
still riot - by ferron
strange fire - by amy ray (background)
strange fruit - by abel meeropol
strange thing mystifying - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
stranglehold - by ted nugent
sugar tongue - by amy ray
summer highland falls - by billy joel
summertime - by george gershwin
sure feels good anyway - by amy ray
sweet home alabama - by ed king, gary rossington, ronnie van zant
sweet gypsy (also known as 'anyway i love you') - by amy ray
sweet home alabama/blood and fire

talk of the town - by (unknown)
tangled up in blue - by bob dylan
tether - by amy ray
texas was clean - by amy ray (background)
the arrest - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
the ballad of squeaky fromme - by amy ray
the chosen ones - by ferron
the crucifixion - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
the devil went down to georgia - by charlie daniels
the distance remains the same (also known as 'erase the pain') - by amy ray
the gig that matters - by amy ray
the girl with the weight of the world in her hands - by emily saliers (background)
the hard way - by mary-chapin carpenter
the last supper - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
the night they drove old dixie down - by robbie robertson
the rise of the black messiah - by amy ray (background)
the rock is my foundation - by amy ray (background)
the temple - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
the times they are a-changin' - by bob dylan
the untitled song - by emily saliers (background)
the water is wide - by unknown: traditional hymn
the weakness in me - by joan armatrading
the weight - by robbie robertson
the wonder song - amy ray
the wood song - by emily saliers
there's still my joy - beth nielsen chapman, melissa manchester, matt rollings
these days are an open book - by nanci griffith
they won't have me - by amy ray
thin line - by gerard mchugh (background)
this train revised - by amy ray (background)
three county highway - by amy ray
three hits - by amy ray (background)
time of inconvenience - by nanci griffith
thursday afternoon (also known as 'color me grey') - by amy ray
time zone - by amy ray
tired of talking - by gerard mchugh
tonight i'm paying the rent - by amy ray
touch me fall - by amy ray (background)
trail of tears - by (unknown)
train inside - by emily saliers
trial before pilate (including the thirty-nine lashes) - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
tried to be true - by amy ray (background)
trouble - by emily saliers (background)
true romantic - by amy ray
tuesday's children - by amy ray (background)
tupelo honey - by van morrison
twice in a lifetime - michelle malone

uncle john's band - by r. hunter and j. garcia
(unknown) - by amy ray
up in smoke - by emily saliers
up on the roof - by gerry goffin and carole king
up until now - by caroline aiken

virginia - by sonia leigh
virginia woolf - by emily saliers (background)
venus as appearances - by ferron

wag more - by boxtop jenkins
walk away - by amy ray (background)
walk your valley - by emily saliers
walking through fire - by mary-chapin carpenter
war rugs - by amy ray
washington work song - by sonia rutstein
watershed - by emily saliers (background)
we are together - by emily saliers
we get to feel it all - by emily saliers (background)
we're all we got - by becky warren
welcome me - by amy ray
what a nice surprise - by the vidalias
what are you like - by emily saliers (background)
what doesn't belong to me - by sinead o'connor
(what's so funny 'bout) peace, love, and understanding - by nick lowe
what's the buzz - by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice
when we were writers - emily saliers
when you come for me - by heather mcentire
when you're gone, you're gone - by amy ray
when you're ready - by viva la diva
where do the children play - by cat stevens
whispering bells - the del vikings
white house blues - by caroline aiken
who sold the gun - by amy ray
why'd she do that - by don conoscenti
wild wild party in the loquat tree - by rand bishop
wild horses - by mick jagger and keith richards (background)
wimoweh - by solomon linda
winthrop - by emily saliers (background)
wish you were here - by roger waters and david gilmour
wolf's child - by jaron pearlman
woman of heart and mind - by joni mitchell
world falls - by amy ray (background)
would you wander - by lisa loeb
wounded knee - by reversing hour
wysteria - by dan fogelberg

yield - by amy ray
yoke - by amy ray (background)
you and me of the 10,000 wars - by emily saliers
you don't miss your water - by william bell
you left it up to me - by amy ray
you've got a friend - by carole king
you've got to show - by emily saliers
your holiday song - emily saliers

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