lifeblood: appearances: 2006-09-01: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (benefit for the georgia network to end sexual assault)

indigo girls - little perennials
brandi carlile - i was made for you
cara page - we are the mapmakers/harriet tubman
indigo girls - run
indigo girls - three county highway
brandi carlile - cannonball
indigo girls - lay my head down
cara page - oz/w.i.t.c.h.e.s.
amy ray - let it ring
katz - virtual war
brandi carlile - burn in my skin
indigo girls - last tears
cara page - where the buffalo once roamed/a prayer for the survivors of war
indigo girls - yield
brandi carlile - we're even now
indigo girls and brandi carlile - levon
cara page - (unknown)
indigo girls - dirt and dead ends
katz - beautiful athens, ga
brandi carlile - the times they are a changin'
indigo girls - galileo
indigo girls and brandi carlile - kid fears
brandi carlile - (unknown)
indigo girls - pendulum swinger
cara page - slave ships
brandi carlile - hallelujah
group with silent auction winners - closer to fine

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