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i found the binding
of the yoke
that connects us here
in this herd of hope
escort me
to your kingdom come
from the gallows' hold
and the things we've done

you stole so much
so much at times
ah just being bad
like the books we read
and the helplessness
that you played upon
was just tenderness
to disarm

she ushered in love
but it drove you mad
not to have everything
of your envisioning
now she wandered in on
the peace you lacked
yeah and you're losing still
that life you could've had

tell that story
one more time for me
of the baited fields
just for the taking dear
where you heard
the hunter's call
but your discipline
kept you from the fall

but oh to hold
that tenderness
in these grubby hands
i'd shoot anything
and you laughed at me
but you know i'm right
so why do you claim the strength
to put up a fight

and you hold your nightmares
close from view
the horses going wild
under a breaking moon
there's no way the bridle
ever fits the bride
yeah and the weight of it
that's why we're here
that's why

words and music by amy ray

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