lifeblood: songs: lyrics: sad one

remember when we stole that time alone
and ran like bandits with our bags of gold
and laughed like thieves beneath a liar's moon
and had to pay it all back way too soon

along my way i've left a trail of crumbs
for you to feed and find me should you come
out the darkness of your situation
into the promise of the nearest station

over the distance and time
from the other end of the line
the weight of your pleasantries just makes me choke
on the lump of a dream
stuck in my throat

if timing counts for everything we're counting on
so many perfect times for us have come and gone
they seem to have found their way
why couldn't we make them stay

i can still hear you saying to me
whatever will be will be
as if wishing upon that moon could save us
it's just not enough
what time gave us

at the center of my heart the thief
lies in wait and looks for ways to steal
you from a life i think you want to leave
all of the things we see when we believe

i'll say it now cause it's true
i've only ever wanted you
and tonight there's a big full moon up there
pinning me down
with its cold blank stare

words and music by emily saliers

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