lifeblood: bootlegs: 2014

2014-01-02: paste magazine offices - decatur, georgia
an excellent sounding audio capture of terrific in studio performances of "second time around", "love of our lives", "get out the map", and "sugar tongue".

2014-01-16: dreyfoos concert hall - west palm beach, florida (with the west palm beach orchestra)
a nice sounding recording of a really neat symphony show, the arrangements on these songs are so beautiful, and amy and emily are in great moods and are pretty chatty, especially during the second half of the show. "able to sing" gets two takes as the first started out to slow, the run up to the first take (towards the end of the "damo" file), is really, really funny.

2014-01-26: the variety playhouse - atlanta, georgia (amy ray)
an excellent sounding audio capture of a terrific cover of "midnight rider".

2014-04-02: the bell house - brooklyn, new york (amy ray)

2014-04-04: hill country live - manhattan, new york (amy ray)

2014-04-05: folkadelphia session - wxpn (amy ray)
an excellent sounding audio capture with every single track being an outstanding performance - "duane allman", "anyhow", "hunter's prayer", "more pills", and "oyster and pearl".

2014-04-20: tarrytown music hall - tarrytown, new york

2014-04-30: the loveless barn - nashville, tennessee (music city roots) (amy ray)

2014-05-03: double door - chicago, illinois (amy ray)
an excellent sounding recording of the audio from a webcast of the entire show. lots of highlights, including the band and all the terrific songs, at the beginning of "johnny rottentale" amy gives a major nod to emily and tells a great story about what inspired the song, which she has to finish a capella after a string breaks on her mandolin. both the introduction to and the preformance of "the rise of the black messiah" are really, really powerful. highly recommended.

2014-06-26: mcmenamins edgefield - portland, oregon (with joan baez)
an excellent sounding recording, has the full ig set, the full joan baez set, as well as their combined set.

2014-07-03: the greek theater - los angeles, california (with joan baez)
an excellent sounding soundboard recording of the entire show (indigo girls set, joan baez set, and joan baez and indigo girls set). the nuances in the voices, the instruments, and the harmonies are all crystal clear. "our deliverance" is not to be missed, and the entire show is highly recommended.

2014-07-23: pepsi amphitheater at fort tuthill park - flagstaff, arizona (amy ray opening for the susan tedeschi-derek trucks band)
an excellent sounding recording, does not include amy's set, but does include her sitting in on "angel from montgomery" with the susan tedeschi-derek trucks band.

2014-08-11: ocean city music pier - ocean city, new jersey

2014-08-12: wxpn - philadelphia, pennsylvania (amy ray)
an excellent sounding audio capture of a neat interview.

2014-08-13: sunoco performance theater - harrisburg, pennsylvania
an excellent sounding audio capture of a great performance of "the devil went down to georgia".

2014-08-21: koas - dolan springs, arizona (amy ray)

2014-10-18: spirit of suwannee music park - live oak, florida (magnolia music festival)

2014-12-04: ram's head on stage - annapolis, maryland (amy ray)

2014-12-05: kenswick theater - glenside, pennsylvania (amy ray)

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