lifeblood: bootlegs: 2011

2011-02-18: cayamo cruise - carribean (with brandi carlile)
an excellent sounding audio capture of "caroline" and a completely unplugged and off the mics version of "dying day".

2011-04-28: the state theatre - sydney, australia
a bit muffled but otherwise good sounding recording with a lot of in between song chatter.

2011-04-29: world cafe (with brandi carlile)
a really nice sounding set with brandi carlile, standout tracks include "don't think twice it's alright" and "go".

2011-06-17: tarrytown music hall - tarrytown, new york

2011-06-19: croton point park (clearwater festival) - hudson, new york
a really nice recording of a fun show with julie wolf, "shame on you" and "fill it up again" are standouts.

2011-07-26: the troubadour - west hollywood, california
an excellent audio capture of a really neat unplanned second encore with an on fire version of "chickenman-bitterroot".

2011-10-07: carolina theatre - greensboro, north carolina

2011-10-13: beacon theatre - new york city, new york

2011-10-14: monmouth university pollak theatre - west long branch, new jersey

2011-10-16: landmark on main street - port washington, new york

2011-10-31: cnn

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