lifeblood: bootlegs: 1996

1996-02-25: red light cafe - atlanta, georgia (cooper seay, michelle malone, amy ray, emily saliers)
a pretty good recording of a neat songwriter in the round performance that includes early versions of "don't give that girl a gun", "caramia", "going to the country" and "cut it out", as well as "the ballad of squeaky fromme", "(he played real good) for free", and "free of hope".

1996-04-04: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia

1996-04-24: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (flunkie)
in early 1996, after a long break from touring, both amy and emily started playing club dates around atlanta with new bands formed with local musicians, playing a great mixture of songs, including many that would end up on the following years "shaming of the sun". amy, michael lorant, and sheila doyle formed a band called "flunkie", and this is pretty good sounding recording of one of their shows.

1996-05-02: the fairgrounds - new orleans, lousiana

1996-05-04: lakefront arena - new orleans, louisiana

1996-05-04: lakefront arena - new orleans, louisiana (alternate)
a nice recording of an arena show that was part of the jazzfest that year. standout tracks include "thin line", a rare performance of "chiapas bound", and joan baez and michelle malone helping to close out the show with "don't think twice its alright", "wild horses", and "finlandia".

1996-05-30: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (amy ray and friends)
a nice recording of another neat show, highlights include "cut it out" with amy accompanied by ann richardson on flute.

1996-05-31: the point - atlanta, georgia (hash)
emily's band of local musicians was known as "hash" and included dede vogt, caroline aiken, and missy speert. they were definitely a rock band, and "high horse" even made the setlist for this appearance. a very good sounding recording of a loud club show.

1996-06-30: pride - atlanta, georgia (hash and indigo girls)

1996-08-04: decatur, georgia (emily saliers)
a really good sounding recording of a neat show, was supposed to be an indigo girls appearance but amy was out of the country and unable to get back in time, so emily plays a few solo songs and then is joined by michelle malone. "it's alright" in particular really stands out, including a terrific introduction.

1996-08-11: newport folk festival - newport, rhode island
a pretty good recording of a really neat show, michelle malone and sandy garfinkel guest, and highlights include previews of several songs that would end up on the following years "shaming on the sun", and also "chiapas bound" and "winthrop".

1996-08-12: club casino - hampton beach, new hampshire

1996-08-14: roseland - new york, new york

1996-08-15: the electric factory - philadelphia, pennsylvania
a pretty good sounding recording of another great night from the practice tour, including "chiapas bound", "winthrop", "chickenman-scooter boys", and michelle malone sitting in on many songs.

1996-08-16: artpark - lewiston, new york

1996-08-17: the boathouse - norfolk, virginia

1996-08-18: rock for aids - atlanta, georgia (emily saliers)
a really nice recording of another cool solo show, includes a terrific "it's alright" and a beautiful "ghost", then kristen hall and michelle malone join in for a few songs.

1996-08-20: the backyard - austin, texas

1996-08-24: las cruces, new mexico

1996-08-25: paolo solieri - santa fe, new mexico

1996-08-26: mesa amphitheater - mesa, arizona

1996-08-31: bumbershoot - seattle, washington

1996-09-20: northrup auditorium - minneapolis, minnesota (honor the earth)

1996-09-29: severance hall - cleveland, ohio (woodie guthrie tribute)
an excellent sounding soundboard recording of the first half of a very special show, including amy and emily's set and ani difranco's set. a really good sounding audience recording of bruce springsteen's set and the final two group sing-a-longs. the show was put on by the two year old rock and roll hall of fame, and in addition to the all star lineup playing songs by woody and songs inspired by woody, tim robbins read from woody's writings as the different artists got set up.

1996-10-04: world cafe radio program
a pretty good sounding radio show made between the release of "honor 1" and the recording of "shaming of the sun". all the tracks were done live in the studio, "blood quantum" and "don't give that girl a gun" are not to be missed. another great set of performances and good interview segments.

1996-xx-xx: honor 1 - a benefit for the honor the earth campaign p.s.a. special release cd
a promotional cd release with public service announcements for honor the earth from indigo girls, michael stipe, joan baez, glen phillips, bruce cockburn, patti smith, the b-52's, rage against the machine, mary chapin carpenter, joan osborne, and matthew sweet. also contains executable files with a graphic presentation of the honor the earth campaign.

1996-10-17: shangri-la studios - malibu, california (honor the earth cd release party)
a pretty good sounding recording of a radio broadcast of the official honor the earth cd release party. the show includes guest appearances by bonnie raitt and glen phillips (toad the wet sprocket), and a rare live performance of "blood quantum", pre-release versions of "shame on you" and "it's alright", and an extended version of "cortez the killer" with stream of conscious lyrics.

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