lifeblood: appearances: 2010: 2010-04-11: lincoln center performance hall - fort collins, colorado (e town taping)

opening set - emily solo as amy had missed her flight and was still in transit

01. our deliverance
02. what are you like (with lucy wainwright roche and the etown house band)
03. interview with host nick forster

04. e-chievement award winner ceremony (winners first name was craig)

05. nathaniel rateliff set and interview

06. unknown (lucy wainwright roche)

indigo girls set with both amy and emily

07. sugar tongue (with the house band)
08. galileo
09. second time around
10. shame on you (with the etown house band)
11. closer to fine (with lucy wainwright roche and the etown house band)

12. don't think twice its all right (indigo girls, lucy wainwright roche, nathaniel rateliff, the etown house band)

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