amy and emily
screen capture from an awesome youtube video shot february 6, 2020 in santa fe, new mexico by andy fertal.

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this fan site was born in january of 1995 and is dedicated to the sharing of public information about indigo girls. a big thank you to everyone who has contributed content to it, and most of all to the original and continuing inspirations, amy ray and emily saliers. if you have questions, feedback, corrections, or would like to contribute information to the site, please e-mail thanks very much and enjoy : )

what's new:
2020-11-23: added new links to the videos page.
2020-11-22: added 1998-01-28: memorial auditorium - sacramento, california and 1998-01-29: the arlington theatre - santa barbara, california to the bootlegs page.
2020-11-21: added new links to the videos page.
2020-11-20: added new links to the videos page.
2020-11-19: added new links to the videos page.
2020-11-18: added 2020-10-01: jimmy carter virtual birthday tribute - the president carter legacy collection by world tree to the bootlegs page. also added a new option to all the bootlegs so that they can be listened to or downloaded using a single file.