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this fan site was born in january of 1995 and is dedicated to the sharing of public information about indigo girls. thanks to everyone who has contributed information to it over the years, it would not be what it is today without your assistance. if you have questions, feedback, corrections, or would like to contribute information to the site, please e-mail underdog@earthlink.net. thanks very much and enjoy : )

looking for help: do you have any issues of the paper version lifeblood that are not included on this page? if so would love to get scans of them if you have the time. please e-mail underdog@earthlink.net. thanks!

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2014-07-23: added 1995-04-21: sports and rec center - saratoga springs, new york. a really nice sounding recording of another great show, includes a 24+ minute "touch me fall"/"cortez the killer" with michelle malone and band de soliel and some really amazing guitar and cello work. gail ann dorsey also guests on "tried to be true", "kid fears", and "midnight train to georgia". highly recommended.