lifeblood: videos: 2016

2016-01-03: terminal west - atlanta, georgia (benefit for save the libraries)
land of canaan, lay my head down, findlay, ohio 1968, virginia woolf, go (with jordan hamlin), the rise of the black messiah (with jordan hamlin), closer to fine (with jordan hamlin)

2016-01-16: vinoy park - st petersburg, florida (sunshine music festival)
the rise of the black messiah

2016-01-17: mizner park amphitheater - boca raton, florida (sunshine music festival)
closer to fine (with susan tedeschi)

2016-01-20: key west theater - key west, florida
three hits, miranda lambert story and get out the map, spread the pain around, pendulum swinger, olympia inn, romeo and juliet, galileo, closer to fine

2016-02-08: wrek studios - atlanta, georgia
love will come to you

2016-02-20: uptown theater - napa, california
gone again, able to sing, you and me of the 10,000 wars

2016-02-24: revolution hall - portland, oregon
strange fire, i believe in love, gone again (with lucy wainwright roche), happy in the sorrow key, soon be to nothing (with lucy wainwright roche), sister

2016-02-25: the showbox at the market - seattle, washington
happy in the sorrow key, crazy game, sister, hammond song (with lucy wainwright roche), don't give that girl a gun, ozilline (with lucy wainwright roche), come a long way, spread the pain around (with lucy wainwright roche), duane allman

2016-02-27: kirkland performance center - kirkland, washington
reunion (with lucy wainwright roche), devotion (with lucy wainwright roche), you and me of the 10,000 wars, sister, crazy game, strange fire, able to sing (with lucy wainwright roche), leeds, hey kind friend

2016-03-04: woodruff arts center - atlanta, georgia (with the atlanta symphony orchestra)
come a long way, compromise, damo, fugitive, galileo, happy in the sorrow key, kid fears, yoke

2016-03-25: forest hills fine arts center - grand rapids, michigan
galileo (with lucy wainwright roche), closer to fine (with lucy wainwright roche)

2016-05-01: beale street music festival - memphis, tennessee
hammer and a nail, the wood song, power of two

2016-05-13: first congregational church united church of christ - portland, oregon (benefit for reconciling ministries network)
our deliverance

2016-05-27: academy of music theatre - northampton, massachusetts
chickenman, donuts story and get out the map, happy in the sorrow key, learned it on me, let it be me, love will come to you, sugar tongue, the wood song, you and me of the 10,000 wars

2016-06-23: lowell summer music series - lowell, massachusetts
share the moon, get out the map (with lucy wainwright roche), power of two, spread the pain around (with lucy wainwright roche), able to sing, crazy game, galileo (with lucy wainwright roche)

2016-06-27: central park - new york, new york (summerstage)
don't give that girl a gun (with lucy wainwright roche)

2016-07-03: summerfest - milwaukee, wisconsin
closer to fine

2016-07-09: wild goose festival - hot springs, north carolina

2016-07-23: the barrymore theatre - madison, wisconsin
power of two, closer to fine (with great caesar)

2016-08-09: mountain winery - saratoga, california
reunion (with lucy wainwright roche)

2016-09-13: honor the earth: public service announcement
the indigo girls are musicians standing with standing rock

2016-09-14: duling hall - jackson, mississippi
gone again

2016-09-23: thunder valley casino resort - lincoln, california (opening for cyndi lauper)
second time around

2016-09-29: rams head on stage - annapolis, maryland (amy ray)
sure feels good anyway

2016-09-30: the beacon theater - new york, new york (amy ray supporting the tedeschi trucks band)
more pills (with alecia chakour), duane allman (with susan tedeschi)

2016-10-01: club helsinki - hudson, new york (amy ray)
sure feels good anyway

2016-10-30: capitol center for the arts - concord, new hampshire
let it be me, watershed

2016-11-03: democracy now

2016-11-28: birchmere music hall - alexandria, virginia (amy ray and chely wright)
bondsman (evening in missouri)

2016-12-02: the orpheum theatre - boston, massachusetts (amy ray supporting the tedeschi trucks band)
the wonder song, more pills (with alecia chakour), the rise of the black messiah (with susan tedeschi), duane allman (with susan tedeschi), angel from montgomery (with the tedeschi trucks band), you ain't going nowhere (with the tedeschi trucks band)

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