lifeblood: videos: 2015

2015-01-03: terminal west - atlanta, georgia (benefit for the boys and girls club of metro atlanta)
driver education, leaving, ghost, the devil went down to georgia

2015-01-29: the thacker chronicles (amy ray)
interview, duane allman, interview

2015-02-09: mill springs academy - alpharetta, georgia (amy ray)
speeches and introductions, become you

2015-02-13: providence performing arts center - providence, rhode island (with the rhode island philharmonic orchestra)

2015-04-13: behind the scenes - episode 01
happy in the sorrow key

2015-04-21: behind the scenes - episode 02
come a long way

2015-04-28: behind the scenes - episode 03
the rise of the black messiah

2015-05-06: behind the scenes - episode 04
if i don't leave here now

2015-05-09: webster hall - new york, new york (survivor mitzvah project)
get out the map, texas was clean, elizabeth

2015-05-18: behind the scenes - episode 05
findlay, ohio 1968

2015-06-19: hill auditorium - ann arbor, michigan (wqkl summer festival)
least complicated, learned it on me, become you, come a long way, if i don't leave here now, happy in the sorrow key, texas was clean, lay my head down, shame on you, elizabeth, the rise of the black messiah, virginia woolf

2015-06-24: pandora whiteboard sessions
happy in the sorrow key

2015-06-25: saenger theatre - mobile, alabama

2015-06-26: chastain park - atlanta, georgia
ozilline (with michelle malone), happy in the sorrow key, learned it on me, moment of forgiveness, go, language or the kiss, fishtails, love of our lives, spread the pain around, elizabeth, share the moon, the rise of the black messiah (with sulli sullivan), closer to fine

2015-07-06: fox 11 - los angeles, california - good day la
happy in the sorrow key

2015-07-11: oregon zoo - portland, oregon

2015-07-18: foster farms - eau claire, wisconsin (eaux claires music festival, "swamp ophelia" was performed in its entirety)
the currents haus interview, phil cook and the guitar heels entire set including lodi (with amy ray)

2015-07-19: capitol theater - madison, wisconsin
happy in the sorrow key, this train revised, ozilline, spread the pain around, reunion (with jordan hamlin), the rise of the black messiah (with sulli sullivan)

2015-07-21: the vic theater - chicago, illinois
touch me fall, happy birthday to emily, joking, shame on you (with michelle malone), hammer and a nail, go, bitterroot (with michelle malone), closer to fine (with michelle malone)

2015-07-23: city winery - new york, new york
happy in the sorrow key, learned it on me

2015-07-26: wiggins waterfront park - camden, new jersey (xponential festival)

2015-07-28: wjla - arligton, virginia (good morning washington)
interview, happy in the sorrow key

2015-07-28: filene center - wolf trap, virginia
i don't wanna know (amy ray with michelle malone)

2015-08-03: acoustic guitar magazine - acoustic guitar sessions presents indigo girls
happy in the sorrow key, interview, mystery, interview, share the moon, interview, learned it on me

2015-08-06: documentary
the making of one lost day

2015-09-27: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (group sex)
crazy train, jessie's girl (with amy ray), let's go crazy, my sharona (with amy ray), put it out for good (with amy ray), you give love a bad name (with emily saliers)

2015-10-04: golden gate park - san francisco, california (hardly strictly bluegrass festival)
oyster story, happy birthday, shame on you (with alison brown), power of two, this train revised (with alison brown), happy in the sorrow key, yield (with alison brown), southern california is your girlfriend, virginia woolf, galileo (with alison brown)

2015-11-06: troy savings bank music hall - troy, new york
leaving, three hits, the wood song, watershed

2015-11-07: orpheum theatre - boston, massachusetts
this train revised, get out the map, learned it on me, share the moon, galileo, ozilline (with a fragile tomorrow)

2015-11-10: strand theatre - rockland, maine
ozilline (with a fragile tomorrow)

2015-11-11: the paramount theatre - rutland, vermont
get out the map, happy in the sorrow key

2015-11-14: asbury hall - buffalo, new york
faye tucker

2015-11-15: sound board at the motorcity casino hotel - detroit, michigan
one way ticket (a fragile tomorrow with indigo girls), closer to fine (with a fragile tomorrow)

2015-12-03: south on main restaurant and performance venue - little rock, arkansas (georgia songwriters in the round with patterson hood) (benefit for the oxford american literary project)
one way ticket (a fragile tomorrow with indigo girls), closer to fine (with a fragile tomorrow)

2015-12-31: dahlonega baptist church - dahlonega, georgia (amy ray) (first night dahlonega and inaugural gold nugget drop)
broken record, let it ring, romeo and juliet

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