lifeblood: videos: 2013

2013-01-29: the evening muse - charlotte, north carolina (amy ray)
i didn't (with h.c. mcentire), johnny rottentale, more pills (with h.c. mcentire)

2013-01-31: casbah durham - durham, north carolina (amy ray)
let it ring, let the spirit, second time around, the rock is my foundation

2013-02-20: danforth music hall - toronto, ontario
interview by hannah (amy ray), emily's cell phone story, gone, get out the map, beauty queen sister, tried to be true, second time around, shed your skin, trouble, ghost, virginia woolf, tangled up in blue

2013-03-04: woodsongs old time radio hour - lexington, kentucky
program, interview, get out the map, interview, moment of forgiveness, interview, go, interview, we get to feel it all, interview, share the moon, interview, closer to fine, program, brandi carlile

2013-05-17: mckinney performing arts center - mckinney, texas
closer to fine, get out the map, shame on you, power of two, galileo

2013-05-19: 54 below - new york, new york ("high fidelity" cast concert)
ready to settle

2013-05-26: pensacola unleashed - pensacola, florida
second time around

2013-06-11: ntelos wireless pavilion - charlottesville, virginia (with joan baez)
don't think twice it's all right (with joan baez), the water is wide (with joan baez), three hits, welcome me (with joan baez)

2013-06-12: wolf trap - vienna, virginia (with joan baez)
lily of the west (joan baez), it's all over now (joan baez), baby blue (joan baez), barbara allen (joan baez), deportee (plane wreck at los gatos) (joan baez), love song to a stranger (joan baez), band introductions (joan baez), jerusalem (joan baez), hard times (joan baez), catch the wind (joan baez), band introductions (joan baez), seven curses (joan baez), god is god (joan baez), swing low, sweet chariot (joan baez), darlin' cory (joan baez), the house of the rising sun (joan baez), diamonds and rust (joan baez), don't think twice, it's all right (joan baez and indigo girls), sugar tongue (joan baez and indigo girls), welcome me (joan baez and indigo girls), the water is wide (joan baez and indigo girls), end thanks and credits

2013-06-17: central park summerstage - new york, new york (with joan baez)
run, the water is wide (with joan baez)

2013-06-19: studio a wfuv - new york, new york
second time around, kid fears (with matt nathanson), closer to fine (with matt nathanson)

2013-06-19: prudential hall at newark, new jersey (with joan baez)
everything in its own time, don't think twice it's all right (with joan baez), don't think twice it's all right (with joan baez), the water is wide (with joan baez)

2013-06-26: lowell high school auditorium - lowell, massachusetts
the wood song

2013-06-29: north carolina museum of art - raleigh, north carolina
share the moon

2013-08-03: mishawaka amphitheatre - bellvue, colorado
closer to fine (with von gray)

2013-08-04: denver botanical garden - denver, colorado
the devil went down to georgia (with sulli sullivan)

2013-09-06: capital theater - madison, wisconsin (honor the earth benefit)
bury my heart at wounded knee (with kelly jackson and jennifer kreisberg)

2013-10-18: river run centre - guelph, ontario
ozilline, ghost, pendulum swinger, three hits, love's recovery, yield, watershed, land of canaan, galileo

2013-10-19: centennial hall - london, ontario
the wood song, talking about the canada tour, john, moment of forgiveness, love of our lives, get out the map, talking about dancing, mystery, land of canaan

2013-10-21: rebecca cohn auditorium - halifax, nova scotia
yield, devotion, talking about emily's marriage, i'll change, kid fears

2013-10-22: echo mountain studio - asheville, north carolina (amy ray) (release date)

2013-10-22: centre at casino new brunswick - moncton, new brunswick
salty south

2013-12-06: studio a wfuv - new york, new york (amy ray)
duane allman, more pills, oyster and pearl

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