lifeblood: videos: 2010

2010-02-09: orange peel - asheville, north carolina (amy ray)
johnny rottentale

2010-02-11: cat's cradle - carrboro, north carolina (amy ray)
bus bus, johnny rottentale (with brandi carlile), looking out (with brandi carlile), stand and deliver

2010-02-15: mcglohon theatre - charlotte, north carolina (amy ray)
black heart today, bus bus, johnny rottentale (with brandi carlile), laramie, looking out (with brandi carlile), she's got to be, stand and deliver

2010-02-16: james polk theatre - nashville, tennessee (amy ray)
blame is a killer, laramie, put it out for good

2010-02-17: the melting point - athens, georgia (amy ray)
birds of a feather, blame is a killer, bus bus, give in, laramie, looking out (with brandi carlile), put it out for good, lucystoners, she's got to be (with brandi carlile), who sold the gun

2010-02-25: adrienne arsht center - miami, florida
ozilline (with a fragile tomorrow)

2010-02-27: house of blues - orlando, florida
go (with brandi carlile)

2010-03-02: the sanger theatre - mobile, alabama
johnny rottentale (with brandi carlile)

2010-03-17: (unknown) - missoula, montana (honor the earth event)
fleet of hope

2010-03-24: knitting factory - reno, nevada
fleet of hope

2010-04-11: lincoln center performance hall - fort collins, colorado (e town taping)
don't think twice its all right (indigo girls, lucy wainwright roche, nathaniel rateliff, the etown house band)

2010-04-20: mayo civic center - rochester, minnesota
shame on you, kid fears, galileo, closer to fine

2010-04-25: pageant - st. louis, missouri
let it ring

2010-05-29: la zona rosa - austin, texas
hammer and a nail (with lloyd maines), joking, johnny rottentale, yield (with lloyd maines), second time around, galileo

2010-07-18: eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (late show)
yield, sugar tongue, land of canaan, dairy queen, little revolution, devotion, chickenman-bitterroot, ozilline, closer to fine

2010-07-20: the earl - atlanta, georgia (benefit for sulli sullivan) (with group sex)
dear abbey white (amy ray with a fragile tomorrow), jessie's girl (amy ray with group sex), play that funky music (emily saliers with group sex)

2010-07-21: the national - richmond, virginia
galileo, get out the map, gone again, heartache for everyone, kid fears, power of two, romeo and juliet, shame on you, southland in the springtime, the wood song

2010-07-22: kentucky theater - lexington, kentucky
get out the map, joking, power of two, reunion, shame on you, the wood song

2010-07-30: boarding house park - lowell, massachusetts
leaving, love's recovery, salty south (with coyote grace), fill it up again, gone again (with coyote grace), heartache for everyone

2010-08-03: merriweather post pavilion - washington, d.c. (lilith fair)
digging for your dream (with missy higgins), heartache for everyone, chickenman-bitterroot, love's recovery (with sarah mclachlan), closer to fine (with sarah mclachlan, missy higgins, sara barelis, courtyard hounds, and melissa)

2010-09-24: emory university - decatur, georgia (emily saliers, don saliers, and rosemary magee)

2010-09-24: sautee jamboree - sautee nacoochee, georgia

2010-09-26: lake lanier pet fest - gainesville, georgia (amy ray)

2010-10-01: creative clay folk fest - st. petersburg, florida
unknown (with a fragile tomorrow)

2010-10-17: mcglohon theatre at spirit square center - charlotte, north carolina
three hits

2010-10-24: birchmere music hall - alexandria, virginia
become you, it's alright, get out the map, the wood song, the wonder song

2010-10-25: birchmere music hall - alexandria, virginia
more pills (with h.c. mcentire)

2010-10-28: toad's place - new haven, connecticut
go, it's alright, romeo and juliet, true romantic, the wonder song, more pills (with h.c. mcentire)

2010-10-30: merrill auditorium - portland, maine

2010-11-02: ridgefield playhouse - ridgefield, connecticut
virginia woolf

2010-11-03: the calvin theatre - northampton, massachusetts
bird in the hand

2010-11-05: wellmont theatre - montclair, new jersey
get out the map

2010-11-10: the new gay (amy ray)

2010-11-12: cat's cradle - carrboro, north carolina (amy ray)
black heart today, blender, who sold the gun, bus bus, rural faggot, measure of me, i didn't, let it ring, little revolution, she's got to be

2010-11-13: iota - arlington, virginia (amy ray)
little revolution, i didn't, from haiti

2010-11-17: the student union ballroom at umass - amherst, massachusetts (amy ray)
bus bus, i didn't, who sold the gun

2010-11-19: the new gay (amy ray)
little revolution

2010-11-19: le poisson rouge - new york city, new york (amy ray)
blender, bus bus, from haiti, i didn't, laramie, mtns of glory, put it out for good, rural faggot, she's got to be, sober girl, who sold the gun

2010-11-21: boulder theater - boulder, colorado (etown taping))
christmas time's a comin' (with tim o'brien, nick forster, helen forster, and the etones), interview, interview, in the bleak midwinter, interview, the wonder song, moment of forgiveness, you holiday song

2010-12-04: cbs - second cup of coffee
it really is (a wonderful life) (with chely wright), interview

2010-12-10: the tabernacle - atlanta, georgia
angels we have heard on high, happy joyous hanukkah, i feel the christmas spirit, i'll be home for christmas, in the bleak midwinter, let it snow (chely wright), mistletoe, o holy night, peace child, the christmas song (shawn mullins), the wonder song, there's still my joy, your holiday song

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