lifeblood: videos: 2003

2003-06-28 or 29: piedmont park - atlanta, georgia (atlanta pride) (emily saliers)
baby girl (with jennifer nettles and kristen hall) (5:12)

2003-09-13: thomas b. murphy ballroom of the georgia world congress center - atlanta, georgia (georgia music hall of fame induction)
introduction, speech, become you, closer to fine, outro (17:23)

2003-12-04: the bottom line - new york, new york ("all that we let in" promo dvd)
dairy queen, fill it up again, come on home, perfect world, galilep, kid fears (25:44)

2003-12-14: music choice
interview, dairy queen, interview, fill it up again, come on home, interview, perfect world, closer to fine, interview, tether, interview, heartache for everyone, interview, free in you, interview, galileo, kid fears (49:51)

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