lifeblood: videos: 2002

2002-03-15: the view
interview, moment of forgiveness (5:35)
judy shepard, interview, moment of forgiveness (11:26)

2002-03-18: profiles at wolftrap
peace tonight, interview, shame on you, interview, ozilline, interview (14:37)

2002-03-23: second cup cafe - cbs this saturday
interview, moment of forgiveness, interview, our deliverance, become you (9:15)

2002-03-25: pure oxygen
moment of forgiveness, interview (7:33)

2002-04-20: from the waist down: men, women, and music - vh1 (part four and part five)
program, indigo girls, program

2002-06-01: the today show
become you, interview, galileo (9:59)
become you (4:03)
interview, galileo (5:41)

2002-06-04: radio city music hall - new york, new york
bitterroot, get out the map, become you, power of two, ozilline, ghost, tried to be true, collecting you, shame on you, closer to fine, yield, virginia woolf, moment of forgiveness, least complicated, laramie, our deliverance, chickenman, hope alone, galileo, starkville, go (104:30)

2002-06-28: radical harmonies
documentary (87:42)

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