lifeblood: videos: 2001

2001-02-06: lilith fair - a celebration of women in music
building a mystery (sarah mclachlan), the water is wide (indigo girls, jewel, sarah mclachlan), bitch (meredith brooks), tried to be true (indigo girls, sheryl crow), sunny came home (shawn colvin), strong enough (sheryl crow), near you always (jewel), shame on you (indigo girls), ice cream (sarah mclachlan), closer to fine (indigo girls, meredith brooks, jewel, sarah mclachlan), i need (meredith brooks), wichita skyline (shawn colvin), angel (sarah mclachlan), i shall believe (sheryl crow), morning song (jewel), big yellow taxi (all artists)

2001-03-29: the echo lounge - atlanta, georgia (amy ray with the butchies)
johnny rottentale, lucystoners, black heart today (with kelly hogan), hey castrator, measure of me, laramie, ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with), lazyboy, mtns of glory, on your honor, late bloom (with 1945), (unknown song by 1945), refugee (59:01)

2001-04-11: the blind pig - ann arbor, michigan (amy ray and the butchies)
laramie (5:51)
mtns of glory (2:36)

2001-05-05: music midtown - atlanta, georgia (darius rucker, indigo girls, ann wilson, josh joplin, shawn colvin)
you ain't goin' nowhere (group), dreamboat annie (ann wilson), gravity (josh joplin), diamond in the rough (shawn colvin), exodus (darius rucker), andy (indigo girls), (up on) cherry blossom road (ann wilson), dutch wonderland (josh joplin), wichita skyline (shawn colvin), let her cry (darius rucker), gone again (indigo girls), dog and butterfly (ann wilson), i've changed (josh joplin), whole new you (shawn colvin), ten years (darius rucker), nuevas senoritas (indigo girls), get out the map (indigo girls), camera one (josh joplin), sunny came home (shawn colvin), somewhere (darius rucker), galileo (indigo girls), a matter of minutes (shawn colvin), crazy on you (ann wilson) (107:17)

2001-07-24: live from the fillmore
interviews, chickenman-bitterroot (with michelle malone), interviews, galileo, interviews, closer to fine (sarah bettens), interviews (22:12)

2001-08-25: criminal records - atlanta, georgia (amy ray)
soundcheck, late bloom (9:28)

2001-09-05: channel 11 news (amy ray)
napster story (2:33)

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