lifeblood: videos: 2000

2000-xx-xx: 100 greatest women - vh1
feature (1:03)

2000-xx-xx: queen latifah
go (5:24)

2000-04-16: the ellipse - washington, dc (international monitary fund rally)
hammer and a nail, go (8:02)

2000-04-22: the national mall - washington, dc (earth day)
hammer and a nail (5:06)

2000-06-09: mann music center - philadelphia, pennsylvania
go, peace tonight, cedar tree, trouble, land of canaan, least complicated, ozilline, soon be to nothing, romeo and juliet, get out the map, shed your skin, philosophy of loss, gone again, power of two, shame on you, midnight train to georgia (with spearhead and rose polezani), closer to fine, or (rose polenzani with indigo girls), galileo (88:46)

2000-10-01: browning high school - browning, montana (honor the earth)
closer to fine, leaving, power of two, welcome me (with joan baez), for what it's worth (bonnie raitt), the road's my middle name (bonnie raitt), shadow of doubt (bonnie raitt), thing called love (bonnie raiit), don't think twice it's alright (with joan baez), angel from montgomery (with joan baez and bonnie raitt), louise (bonnie raitt and chris williamson) (61:26)

2000-11-04: rockrgrl conference - madison renaissance hotel - seattle, washington (amy ray)
speech, lucystoners, questions and answers (40:15)

2000-11-04: century ballroom - seattle, washington (amy ray with shannon curfman)
the weight (5:42)

2000-11-09: pure oxygen
panel discussion, devotion, interview, galileo (20:46)

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