lifeblood: videos: 1996

1996-06-30: pride - atlanta, georgia (hash and indigo girls)
galileo, chickenman, get out the map, shame on you, southern man (with kristen hall), wild horses (with michelle malone)

1996-08-26: mesa amphitheater - mesa, arizona
how cool (kris mckay), blue eyes cryin' in the rain (kris mckay), testing 1-2-3 (kris mckay with amy and emily), save it for later (kris mckay), three hits, least complicated, don't give that girl a gun, get out the map, tried to be true (with kris mckay), leeds, hey kind friend, caramia, bury my heart at wounded knee, it's alright, reunion, winthrop, cut it out, chiapas bound, prince of darkness, chickenman-scooter boys, galileo, blood quantum, shame on you, closer to fine

1996-xx-xx: david letterman
bury my heart at wounded knee

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