lifeblood: videos: 1995

1995-xx-xx: promotional video - power of two
power of two

1995-02-03: boys on the side
joking, southland in the springtime, feliz cumpleanos ("happy birthday" in spanish)

1995-03-20: texas music hall, austin, texas (daemon records - jesus christ superstar)
full performance

1995-04-22: stone mountain park - stone mountain, georgia
news coverage

1995-04-29: the roxy - atlanta, georgia (rock for aids)
viva la diva, kristen hall, least complicated, hand me downs, galileo, chickenman, southern man (with kristen hall)

1995-08-06: fort adams state park - newport, rhode island (newport folk festival)
three hits, least complicated, hand me downs, power of two, tried to be true, ghost, it won't take long (with ferron), don't think twice it's alright (with joan baez), pushing the needle too far, prince of darkness, down by the river, galileo, bury my heart at wounded knee, closer to fine (with group)

1995-09-15: promotional video
1200 curfews

1995-xx-xx: (unknown)

1995-xx-xx: promotional video
bury my heart at wounded knee

1995-xx-xx: jay leno - power of two
power of two, interview

1995-xx-xx: (unknown) - atlanta, georgia (kristen hall - the hell-n-ready experience)
live performance

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