lifeblood: videos: 1993

1993-02-10: eddies attic - decatur, georgia
introduction, welcome me, galileo, virginia woolf, land of canaan, three hits, ghost, nashville, closer to fine, southland in the springtime, world falls, love's recovery, chickenman, thin line (with gerard mchugh), play it again sam, watershed, reunion, never stop, strange fire, the water is wide (with caroline aiken), another on the rise (caroline aiken with emily), summertime (with caroline aiken), kid fears (with eddie owen), get together (with eddie owens and ashley and mark), all along the watchtower (cut)

1993-04-25: the national mall - washington, d.c. (march on washington for lesbian, gay, and bi equal rights and liberation)
american tune

1993-04-26: university of illinois - champaign, illinois
hammer and a nail, cold as ice, crazy game, land of canaan, secure yourself, watershed, joking, freebird, sweet home alabama, strange fire, love's recovery, chickenman, prince of darkness, world falls, center stage, jonas and ezekial, galileo, closer to fine, american tune

1993-08-08: newport folk festival - newport, rhode island (with joan baez and mary-chapin carpenter)
it's a hard life (with nanci griffith), don't think twice it's alright, the edge of glory, the water is wide, the hard way, welcome me, galileo, i am a town, do right all night woman, hammer and a nail, stones in the road, come on come on, chickenman, the night they drove old dixie down, diamonds and rust, will the circle be unbroken (four voice in harmony - joan baez, indigo girls, mary chapin carpenter)

1993-10-28: urban nirvana - atlanta, georgia (youtube audio)
reunion, least complicated, fugitive, the wood song, dead man's hill, power of two, this train revised, language or the kiss

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