lifeblood: videos: 1991

1991-01-12: the tonight show - watershed
watershed, interview

1991-xx-xx: unknown - unknown (with joan baez)
american tune, get together

1991-xx-xx: unknown - unknown (with joan baez)

1991-04-19: university of pennsylvania - philadelphia, pennsylvania
secure yourself, hammer and a nail, nashville, world falls, love's recovery, pushing the needle too far, crazy game, no way to treat a friend, you and me of the 10,000 wars, watershed, romeo and juliet, history of us, land of canaan (with sandy garfinkel), summertime (with sandy garfinkel), center stage, closer to fine, kid fears (with gerard mchugh). prince of darkness, uncle john's band (with gerard mchugh)

1991-04-20: foxboro stadium - foxboro, massachusetts (earth day)
welcome me, hammer and a nail, world falls, prince of darkness, summertime, kid fears, closer to fine

1991-04-xx: mtv (earth day)

1991-xx-xx: in concert '91
uncle john's band

1991-05-04: vh1 - new orleans jazzfest
closer to fine, american tune

1991-xx-xx: documentary - let the good times roll (new orleans jazzfest)
land of canaan

1991-05-04: maxwell's - hoboken, new jersey (the ellen james society)
your heels, weapon in your bed, tiger (by the tail), hold on, squinting at the sun, atlas at rest, god in heaven

1991-05-07: the moon - new haven, connecticut (the ellen james society)
soundcheck, the last word is boy, motive, i am, tiger (by the tail), 80/90, i intrepid, weapon in your bed, atlas at rest, squinting at the sun, god in heaven

1991-05-08: carefree theater - west palm beach, florida
world falls, southland in the springtime, secure yourself, watershed, hammer and a nail, pushing the needle too far, love's recovery, no way to treat a friend, crazy game (with barbara marino), bed we made (kristen hall), prince of darkness, keeper of my heart, play it again sam, land of canaan, you and me of the 10,000 wars, kid fears (with kristen hall), closer to fine, summertime (with barbara marino), center stage (with barbara marino), tried to be true (with kristen hall), free fallin' (with kristen hall), daddy's all gone

1991-05-14: trackside tavern - decatur, georgia (kristen hall)
truth hurts (don't it), island, thinking about me, howie, grandpa's song, its alright, fade away blind, fading away, too long running, i gave everything, this town, just so you know, troubled times, i don't need this, fighting the urge, not since i found you, enough's enough, be my baby, didilie

1991-05-15: trackside tavern - decatur, georgia (kristen hall)
grandpa's song, truth hurts (don't it), very busy man, chicago 5am, stranger in my bed, howie, island, it's alright (with emily saliers), fade away blind (with emily saliers)

1991-xx-xx: mtv - back on the bus y'all

1991-06-14: the real story
interview, crazy game, interview

1991-06-14: much music
hammer an a nail (promotional video), interview, secure yourself, interview, get together (promotional video)

1991-07-17: david letterman
1 2 3

1991-09-11: promotional video - welcome me
welcome me

1991-09-11: studio 6a communications building b - university of texas - austin. texas (austin city limits)
it's a hard life (nanci griffith), never had it so good (mary chapin carpenter), hammer and a nail (indigo girls), from a distance (julie gold), late night grande hotel (nanci griffith), i am a town (mary chapin carpenter), fare thee well (emily saliers), heaven (julie gold), listen to the radio (nanci griffith), i feel lucky (mary chapin carpenter), jonas and ezekial (indigo girls), unknown (julie gold), take me to the station (group)

1991-10-07: the beacon theater - new york, new york (ban the dam jam)
hammer and a nail, pushing the needle too far, love will come to you, jonas and ezekial, closer to fine, prince of darkness, get together (with group), not fade away (with group)

1991-10-23: nomads*indians*saints - bits and pieces with the indigo girls
interview, studio, and performance footage

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