lifeblood: videos: 1990

1990-01-11: cnn showbiz today

1990-01-xx: vh1
grammy preview

1990-01-xx: entertainment tonight
grammy preview

1990-01-16: live at the uptown lounge (recorded 1989-08-31)
blood and fire

1990-02-21: shrine auditorium - los angeles, california (32nd annual grammy awards)
the grammies

1990-02-21: channel 2 - atlanta, georgia
grammy coverage

1990-02-21: channel 5 - atlanta, georgia
grammy coverage

1990-xx-xx: radisson hotel - sacramento, california (tower records annual conference)
celine dion vs. indigo girls, welcome me, closer to fine, meet and greet - celine dion and indigo girls

1990-02-27: vh1 - new visions
prince of darkness, get together, world falls

1990-xx-xx: vh1 (emily saliers)

1990-03-04: sunday today

1990-03-11: mtv - unplugged
world falls, closer to fine, the water is wide (with michelle shocked and jules shear)

1990-04-01: little five points - atlanta, georgia
(amy with the ellen james society), make it easier, cold as ice, crazy game, land of canaan, prince of darkness, kid fears, gerard mchugh, world falls, get together, strange fire, american tune (some songs are cut)

1990-04-22: the national mall - washington, d.c. (earth day) (cspan)
closer to fine, world falls, get together (with michael stipe, natalie merchant, and woody harrelson)

1990-04-24: mtv news
earth day coverage

1990-04-xx: david letterman
world falls

1990-xx-xx: target promo

1990-xx-xx: vh1 - quickies

1990-09-26: david letterman
hammer and a nail

1990-xx-xx: japan - the full moon show
southland in the springtime, interview, welcome me, interview

1990-10-08: gusman hall - miami, florida
wendy bucklew, welcome me, world falls, hammer and a nail, crazy game, pushing the needle too far, you and me of the 10,000 wars, land of canaan, watershed, southland in the springtime, kid fears, the girl with the weight of the world in her hands, keeper of my heart, closer to fine, hand me downs, prince of darkness, love's recovery, get together

1990-10-18: promotional video
hammer and a nail

1990-xx-xx: vh1 - you pick it we play it
hammer and a nail

1990-10-xx: mtv - gathering of the tribes
gathering of the tribes coverage

1990-10-xx: unknown - gathering of the tribes
gathering of the tribes coverage

1990-11-xx: cnn (emily saliers)

1990-11-28: the wetlands - new york, new york
hammer and a nail, welcome me, love's recovery, pushing the needle too far, cindi lee berryhill, closer to fine, kid fears, get together

1990-12-01: cheap thrills records - new brunswick, new jersey
hammer and a nail, love of the common people

1990-12-02: a and e - arts and entertainment revue
hammer and a nail, interview

1990-12-xx: a and e - arts and entertainment revue
in the bleak mid-winter

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