lifeblood: videos: 1989

1989-01-26: the uptown lounge - athens, georgia
secure yourself, nashville, prince of darkness, summertime (with john keane), make it easier, love's recovery, closer to fine, no way to treat a friend, crazy game, cold as ice, the ballad of sqeaky fromme, hey jesus, kid fears, left me a fool, center stage, land of canaan (with john keane), all along the watchtower (with john keane), credits and interview segments

1989-02-21: wrek - atlanta, georgia (youtube audio)
interview, thin line, interview, mona lisas and mad hatters, interview, half moon cafe, interview, hand me downs, interview, nashville, interview, the untitled song, interview, welcome me, interview, love of the common people, interview

1989-xx-xx: promotional video
closer to fine

1989-04-26: david letterman
closer to fine, interview

1989-06-16: late night atlanta live - atlanta, georgia
closer to fine, interview, cold as ice, welcome me

1989-07-xx: the today show
interview, closer to fine

1989-09-05: the pat sajak show
closer to fine, interview, secure yourself

1989-09-20: promotional video
land of canaan

1989-10-18: david sanborn
strange fire, prince of darkness, interview, red river valley (with group), i wanna be your dog (with sonic youth)

1989-10-18: david letterman
land of canaan

1989-12-16: the milestone club - charlotte, north carolina (the ellen james society)
(unknown), motive, fodder for the song, (unknown), i am, weapon in your bed, (unknown), my house, god in heaven

1989-xx-xx: cnn

1989-xx-xx: promotional video
get together

1989-xx-xx: mtv news

1989-xx-xx: studio scene

1989-xx-xx: videosyncrasy

1989-xx-xx: women in rock

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