lifeblood: videos: 1987

1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia
introduction, summertime, cold as ice, never stop, holy city, crazy game, love of the common people, no way to treat a friend, the water is wide, lifeblood, killing time (with michelle malone), strange fire, land of canaan, don't give up on me baby, make this house a home (with michelle malone), up in smoke, happy birthday, romeo and juliet, history of us, love the one you're with (with michelle malone), happy birthday, peace song, american tune, get together

1987-07-09: cat's cradle - chapel hill, north carolina (atlanta writers night)
gerard mchugh, michelle malone, land of canaan, crazy game

1987-11-13: cats cradle - chapel hill, north carolina (youtube audio)
cold as ice, make it easier, lifeblood, pushing the needle too far, crazy game, thin line, nashville, left me a fool, no way to treat a friend, blood and fire, hey jesus (cut), land of canaan, never stop, white house blues, you left it up to me, strange fire, all along the watchtower

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