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hi folks,

here's an article about the new holiday album from billboard... you can
read it online at


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indigo girls toast to 'happy days' on holiday album
by gary graff, detroit  |   october 07, 2010 5:15 edt

the indigo girls' upcoming holiday album, "holly happy days," is the
rarest of entries in the duo's catalog. "we just both had a desire to do it
at the same time, which doesn't always happen with us," emily saliers tells

the 12-track set, due out oct. 12, features bluegrass- and
appalachian-flavored versions of standards such as "oh holy night," "i'll
be home for christmas" (with julie wolf) and "angels we have heard on
high," as well as less celebrated fare such as "in the bleak midwinter,"
chely wright's "it really is (a wonderful life)," beth nielsen chapman's
"there's still my joy" and mike burn's "peace child."

janis ian and mary gautier join the indigos for a rendition of woody
guthrie's "happy joyous hanukkah," while saliers and emily ray penned three
original songs -- "the wonder song," "misteltoe" and the buoyant "your
holiday song" -- for the album.

"we spent a long time listening through christmas songs," saliers says.
"our manager gave us a million different christmas songs, hanukkah
songs...we went through everything and started out with a bunch of songs we
were super, super excited about. singing someone else's songs are easier
than recording your own for whatever reason, although there's a lot of
self-pressure in that you want to make them your own song."

the indigos recorded "holly happy days" in nashville with producer peter
collins and an all-star band -- victor krauss on bass, alison brown on
banjo, lloyd maines on dobro and pedal steel, luke bulla on fiddle and jim
brock on percussion -- while good pal brandi carlile sings harmonies on
several tracks. "it was maybe the most fun i've ever had making a record,"
saliers reports, "loving your job and getting excited every morning to get
up and go into the studio. it was a joy. and to have those players who are
just world-class, incredible, inspiring players, you can't believe the
stuff they come up with. it makes you want to never play guitar again." as
for the musical approach, she says that "both amy and i love appalachian
and bluegrass music, and we just thought it would be so much fun to have it
be of that ilk."

the indigos aren't dipping into the holiday material for their current
u.s. tour, which runs through nov. 6, but saliers says they're putting
together a small amount of special holiday shows for december with the band
and some of the guests who appear on the album. meanwhile, ray is working
on her fourth solo studio album, while saliers is collaborating on some
music for an independent film currently titled "that's what she said" and
is still writing a hoped-for solo album of her own.

as for the indigos, she says the duo "will make a new studio record in the
new year" but "haven't talked about" new songs or direction yet.

(c) 2010 billboard. all rights reserved.

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