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subject: [ig-news] "staring down the brilliant dream" info

hey folks,

here's a little info about the new live double album (has it been 15 years
since the last one, really?).  you can read it online here:


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the indigo girls to release 2 cd set of live performances - "staring down
the brilliant dream" available from the girls on june 29th!b
may 06, 2010 08:51 am edt
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indigo girls amy ray and emily saliers celebrate their long-standing
passion for live performances on their upcoming release, staring down the
brilliant dream on ig recordings/vanguard records.  available on june
the two-disc cd features 31 songs, each hand-selected by the
duo to capture the most memorable moments of  their 2006-2009 shows.

the cd reflects the spontaneity of a typical indigos concert and includes
a mix of solo performances and other numbers backed by their full band,
plus vocal collaborations with such guests artists as brandi carlile and
jill hennessey. staring down the brilliant dream encapsulates the wide
range of emotions that fill their shows with fire and wonder, from the
warm, sing-a-long spirit of saliers' "closer to fine" to the political
combustion of  ray's "go."

with two decades and countless concerts behind them, it would be
understandable if the duo now found it hard to distinguish one concert
the next. instead, as this cd proves, they remain as engaged and present
onstage as ever. for each track, saliers and ray have penned personal
on how they wrote each song, what they remember about that specific show,
and why - among the thousands to chose from - they value those particular
performances so much.  the girls also personally picked photos submitted
fans for a special commemorative book like package. produced by the indigo
girls and brian speiser, staring down the dream is a brilliant reminder of
all the concerts audiences were lucky to catch -- and consolation for the
ones they missed..

press release

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