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hi folks,

here's an emily interview from the sheboygan press in sheboygan wi.  you
can read it online at


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indigo girls set to rock weill on earth day
singers are longtime environmental activists

by nhia c. yang - sheboygan press staff - april 20, 2010

area environmentalists are in for a treat this earth day.

the annual commemoration not only marks its 40th year on thursday, april
22, but two of the earth's biggest fans and friends will also be in town to
rock the house.

it just so happens that the indigo girls, the indie grammy-winning
folk-rock duo of emily saliers and amy ray, who are also longtime
environmental activists, will be playing the stefanie h. weill center for
the performing arts on the night of earth day.

the duo is touring to promote their latest release, "poseidon and the
bitter bug," released on their own label, ig records, after 18 years with
epic and one year with hollywood records.

saliers said it was just coincidence that the sheboygan show landed on
earth day. and although they don't have any big earth day plans, that
shouldn't diminish the work that still needs to be done on behalf of mother
earth, she said.

saliers and ray co-founded the nonprofit organization honor the earth in
1991, which works with indigenous leaders and communities on environmental
justice issues. and for them, every day is earth day.

"we support the implementation of solar and wind power and green and
renewables and reusables so indigenous communities don't have to give up
their ecosystem to maintain our economy," saliers said in a recent phone
interview. "it's just a lot of bad stuff happening on indian land with
power plants and all kinds of ecological devastation. that's the kind of
work we do.

"we love earth day and it's a great reminder but it's also important for
people to get in there and do the actual tactical work and stay on top of
the politics," she said.

but the environment is just one of the many social causes the indigo girls
have taken up ever since emerging onto the national music scene more than
20 years ago. from being anti-death penalty to their positions on human
rights and health care reform, saliers and ray have never shied away from
political stances that invite controversy.

and that's ok with them -- because in fact, their music is often riddled
with political and social messages.

"i was fired up during (the george w. bush) administration just because i
couldn't believe what was going on and i couldn't believe the way the
country was being represented in the world," saliers said. "i was so
against his policies and administration. he snuck into a lot of songs. a
lot of songs.

"but it's a complicated world and there's still much work to be done," she
said. "there's always something to write about. there's always something
going on."

although they have been in wisconsin numerous times -- they love playing in
madison and milwaukee -- sheboygan will be new territory for saliers and

but, if experience through years of touring is indicative of anything, the
energy and audience will be familiar.

"the midwest has all kinds of diversity within it," saliers said. "but our
crowds are always so energetic that it's hard to differentiate
geographically in terms of audience response because our fans are just
amazing. as a traveler, it's just really fascinating to get a taste of the

saliers also said they're looking forward to performing at the weill center
because it is a community-run theater.

"you've got the people, where it's like their baby, their house. you come
into there and are treated as a guest," she said.

tickets are $35 and are still available through the weill center at 826 n.
eighth st., sheboygan; by phone at (920) 208-3243; or online at the show starts at 7:30 p.m. lucy roche, daughter of
suzzy roche of the roches and half-sister of martha wainwright and rufus
wainwright, will be the opening act.

reach nhia c. yang at or (920) 453-5109.

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