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subject: [ig-news] amy interview from the patriot news

hey folks,

here's a little amy interview from the patriot news in pennsylvania.  you
can read it online at


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indigo girls:
tuesday, september 29, 2009
by kathaleen roberts
of the albuquerque journal

amy ray is the country girl; emily saliers likes the city. amy plays punk
while emily is more r&b. amy is a vegetarian; emily's a foodie.

but take this chemistry of opposites, stir it together and you get a
harmony of melody and rhythm instantly identifiable as the indigo girls.

their tour in support of the new album, "poseidon and the bitter bug," will
bring them to harrisburg's tonight for a sold-out show at whitaker center,
where they will be joined by the michelle malone banned.

the grammy-winning duo released "poseidon" on their own independent label,
ig records, after being dropped by hollywood records.

"it was a complete blessing," ray said. "we just weren't doing well on that
label. my feeling was it was long overdue."

the girls took the money, cut some good deals and shrank the amount of time
they had to work. they spent a month working out the arrangements before
they even entered the studio. they recorded and mixed the album in atlanta
in three-and-a-half weeks.

"there's not a real theme to our records because we write our songs
separately," ray said. "definitely, we were both in a reflective place."

it has been two decades since the pair launched their career with their
1987 debut "strange fire." their latest album contains arranged and
acoustic versions of their new songs: a two-for-one cd package.

"that was [producer] mitchell froom's idea," ray said. "he felt like our
audience wanted to hear us without all the stuff going on. this felt like
the right set of songs to do that way -- naked without any rhythm track
going on."

of her own songs, ray says she is proudest of "sugar tongue," a fevered
meditation on colonialism on which her voice soars to higher-than-usual

"it's a stretch for me melodically," she said. "it's higher and the words
took me a long time to write. it's about personal pleasures at the expense
of the world.

"we're very different people," ray continued, "but we respect each other a
lot. we write our songs separately, which is really important for creative
space. my voice is different from hers. we tend to voice our chords
differently; tune our guitars differently. you'd think it'd be polarizing,
but it comes together in some ways."

(c)2009 patriot-news

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