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date: thu, 13 aug 2009 10:18:50 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] amy interview from the washington examiner

hey folks,

here's a little amy interview from the washington examiner.  you can find
it online at


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the rockin' side of amy ray
by: nancy dunham
special to the examiner
august 12, 2009

indigo girl brings music from solo album to d.c.'s black cat

just when you think you really know the sound of amy ray -- half of the
grammy award-winning duo the indigo girls -- she comes back around for a
solo tour and you realize her music has some facets you hadn't discovered.

just off an indigo girls tour supporting the duo's recent release "poseidon
and the bitter bug," ray has once again headed out on the road to continue
to support last year's release "didn't it feel kinder."

"now that i've been playing these songs for a while, it's not really a
matter of rethinking them," said ray. "it's more enjoying them and having
fun with the audience.

although the indigo girls have always written, sung and played mainly
folk-based music with passion and zeal, ray's solo work -- as evidenced by
the songs on this album -- is much harder rocking with a punk edge.

"it is a lot stronger; in my head, my music is rock anyway," said ray of
the songs on "didn't it feel kinder." "when i write for the indigo girls i
write for more harmony based and a little more pop based than my solo

although ray said the other half of the indigo girls -- emily sailers --
can play on any songs, the two have a signature sound, which melds their
two musical visions into indigo girls work. when ray writes and performs
alone, she takes on a different focus.

some of her musical inspiration is drawn from the work of other artists
including josh ritter, the replacements and patty smith.

that's clear on this album. in a world of whispering, incoherent singers,
ray's music stands out not just for its social commentary -- such as "who
sold the gun" about the virginia tech shootings -- but with intelligent
lyrics and superb vocals and playing that lure the listener into the
electric guitar-led sound.

this time on tour, ray will be joined by a host of guest artists; the local
show will feature an opening show by north carolina punk musicians

"i love a lot of different kind of music," said ray. "i listen to a lot of
funky stuff; i often go back to those for inspiration."

find this article at:

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