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date: mon, 22 jun 2009 10:49:19 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] emily interview from the hartford courant

hey folks,

here's an interview with emily from the hartford courant.  you can read it
online at,0,2101836.story.


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celebrity traveler emily saliers
emily saliers has georgia on her mind

by jae-ha kim

tribune media services

june 21, 2009

it has been more than two decades since the indigo girls made their music
debut, and the duo is still going strong, now on a coast-to-coast tour. on
their new double album, "poseidon and the bitter bug," emily saliers and
amy ray show off their rich harmonies. their versatility shines through on
the cdsbone is solely acoustic; the other features a full rock band.
check out for more information. here saliers talks about
her tops in travel.

q: what is your favorite vacation destination?

a: if i were to pick a fascinating, the busiest, vacation, i would pick
southeast asia. but for totally kicking back, it's the beachbspecifically
the gulf of mexico in florida. there are long paths for running, walking or
bike riding. i love to go there when the weather turns cooler and there
aren't as many people. nothing soothes my soul as much as sitting on a
porch overlooking the water and listening to the waves crash with a good
book in hand.

q: where are your favorite weekend getaways?

a: i love to go to the mountains of north georgia. the drive is about 90
miles from atlanta, so it's perfect for a weekend getaway. i like the quiet
beauty of north georgiabthe blue tint to the foothills, the farmland and
the roadside veggie stands selling cider and boiled peanuts. my dogs are in
heaven there. once the leashes come off, they are gone to explore. there is
always a roaring fire in the fireplace and a comfortable grubbiness about
the outdoor experience.

q: what are your favorite hotels and restaurants?

a: i like boutique hotels that are environmentally friendly and have a good
gym. the kimpton hotels [] chain is a good one. for a rare
splurge, i love the mandarin oriental hotels [], but
that is the height of luxury. my favorite restaurant, of course, is my own.
i am part owner of watershed restaurant [] in
decatur, ga. it's my favorite place to eat when i am home. i love oysters,
so i would have to include the hog island oyster co. []
in san francisco and rodney's oyster house [] in
toronto as two of my favorites. atlanta is home to some outstanding steak
restaurants. i really like kevin rathbun's steak [].
nobu [] in new york city is a perennial favorite. some
of the best food i ever had in my life was in tuscany and on the streets of
vietnam. i'm not afraid to eat bugs. i am a major foodie and could take up
the whole page listing all my favorites. i follow the zagat listings

q: when you go away, what are some of your must-have items?

a: i must have my guitar. i feel strange without it accessible. i usually
take my computer. i must have books and reading glasses (alas!). i also
take a supply of vitamin c packs, my cell phone, of course, and, typically,
the new york times sunday crossword puzzle.

copyright (c) 2009, the hartford courant

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date: mon, 22 jun 2009 10:53:43 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] emily interview from the grand rapids press

hey folks,

another emily interview, this one from the grand rapids press.  you can
read it online at


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indigo girls emily saliers and amy ray still fiercely indpendent after all
these years
posted by john sinkevics | the grand rapids press june 21, 2009 08:11am

grand rapids -- leave it to the fiercely independent indigo girls to
embrace, well, their sudden independence.

after getting unceremoniously dumped by their record company following a
distinguished two-decade career in which they released 10 major-label
albums, the folk-rock musicians simply celebrated their freedom and
released a new two-cd recording on their own.

"we're happy about this because no longer do we have a so-called middle
man," emily saliers said in a recent interview from a california tour stop.
"it's the right time to be fully independent.

"after all these years, we've developed relationships with radio ... and
hired a publicist and we make our own youtube videos and run a web site.
all the tools are in our hands, and there's really nothing a label can do
for us except for being a drag. it's the spirit of independence. it's come
full circle."

granted, saliers and amy ray -- who play a sold-out concert wednesday at
frederik meijer gardens & sculpture park -- never have ambled dutifully
down the customary corporate path to success since independently releasing
their 1987 debut, "strange fire."

their own path

although they eventually released nine studio albums on epic records and
one, 2006's "despite our differences," on hollywood records, which then
dropped them, saliers and ray always have blazed their own trail, from
their unabashed support for political and social action groups -- which set
up tables at their concerts -- to their refusal to sell indigo girls songs
for tv commercials.

they've been described as "lesbian icons" in the music business, which is
fine with saliers, who decries the "rampant sexism and homophobia" she sees
in society.

"there are labels people have to have just as a point of reference," she
said. "i think labels can be limiting at times, but they also serve a
purpose. if we can help out the gay community and stay true to our roots
... then i'm ok with that.

something new

ray and saliers this year released the mitchell froom-produced "poseidon
and the bitter bug," which offers fans one cd of full-production versions
of 10 new songs and a second cd featuring spare renditions of the same

"it depends on what you go for and what your taste is. some fans really
like stripped-down versions of our songs," noted saliers, who credited
froom with the idea. "the experience of listening to the acoustic cd is
different than listening to the full-production cd."

saliers also credited the veteran producer and keyboard player (who also
worked with the duo on "despite our differences") for being "very
meticulous" about not over-producing their songs. "he's just a genius," she
said. "everything sort of has its place."

the same might be said for the indigo girls' current live show, which
features only one other musician on stage: keyboard player and singer julie

"she's like having a band, really, with all her different textural
additions," saliers said.

by playing material from the new album, saliers said, there's "a feeling of
rejuvenation and new life" on this tour, which also urges concertgoers to
bring in non-perishable boxed and canned food items for needy families and
their pets, part of the band's partnership with the rock for a remedy

"there's been a tremendous outpouring. we remember people who are
struggling. it just elevates the whole night's experience," saliers said.
"we're just citizens. it's important for citizens to be involved. ... even
if we weren't musicians, we'd be active in social issues to try to
alleviate suffering ...."

part of the duo's social activism will be on display at meijer gardens when
the group links with the humane society of kent county to accept pet food
donations for the organization's "kibble konnection" program. concertgoers
are encouraged to bring in donations of unopened pet food that can be
dropped off at the humane society's table at the amphitheater to aid those
struggling to provide for their pets.

when: 7 p.m. wednesday 5/24
where: frederik meijer gardens and sculpture park, 1000 east beltline ave.
opening act: brandi carlile
tickets: the concert is sold out; those with tickets are encouraged to
bring non-perishable food items for needy families and their pets. details
online at

(c) 2009 michigan live. all rights reserved.

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