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hey folks,

here's an emily interview from the provincetown banner.  you can read it
online at


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indigo girls make whirlwind stop in hyannis
by melora b. north
wed jun 10, 2009, 08:22 am edt

hyannis - every summer the indigo girls come to the cape cod melody tent in
hyannis, and this year is no exception. they took to the road in mid-may
and will be on tour through the end of july with their cape gig planned for
saturday at 8 p.m., when the tent will roar to life with some rock 'n'
roll, folk and even some post-punk. opening for the indigo girls will be
singer-songwriter matt nathanson.

catching up with emily saliers, half of the famed duo, when she called
precisely at the designated time from dallas, texas, last week, was a
lightning blip on the radar that passed all too quickly. she's bright, a
colorful speaker and an easy-going woman with a gentle sense of humor.

"it's another world here in texas," she says. "but it's all we've known for
so long. we're on the road so much. we do the tour, go home and collapse,
but i still love it. we'll play the cape bang, bang, bang. it makes more
sense to just keep on going so we don't get to really appreciate where we
are." which may be why she and her musical partner amy ray (who
incidentally will be performing at the beachcomber in wellfleet solo on
aug. 22) return to their roots after every tour.

"i live in atlanta, i'm a city girl," she says. "amy lives in the woods
[outside atlanta], she's a country girl."

the two met while students attending elementary school in georgia. saliers
was a year ahead of ray so they did not really socialize until high school
when they started performing together in their b-band, which eventually
evolved into saliers and ray. both went on to attend college and both were
wooed back by the heartstrings of their home state when they coincidently
transferred to emory university near atlanta, where saliers' father don
saliers is a theology professor. it was in 1985 that they joined forces
once again, this time as the indigo girls. over the years not only has the
name, which they randomly picked from the dictionary, stayed intact but so
has their professional relationship.

"we have a momentum going," says saliers. "amy and i live very separate
lives even though we live near one another. we both write our songs
separately. a large part of our balance is that we're apart. she writes
hers, i write mine. we do the arrangements together. i prefer to write
alone, it makes me free to be clumsy."

music is in saliers' blood. her mother plays piano and her grandfather
toured with the big bands. in fact, her father is a sacred musician and a
jazz pianist. in 2005 they joined forces to release a book, "a song to
sing, a life to live: reflections on music as spiritual practice." together
they have toured at public venues and churches for book signings and have
even performed in celebration of the publication at the washington national
cathedral in washington, d.c.

"my father and i are sort of a crossover between saturday night and sunday
morning," she laughs. "i play in the bars, he plays in the churches."

of the spiritual beliefs that saliers may have absorbed through the osmosis
of her environment she says, "i am an intermittent church-goer. i'm a
religious mutt; i have a keen interest in religion. we grew up talking
about those issues at the dinner table. sunday we had a big dinner, i'd ply
my father with questions about life."

in the meantime, she was a member of the church choirs and took classical
guitar lessons. however, the lead guitarist for the indigo girls admits she
has had little formal musical training and is mostly self-taught, which may
be why her list of accomplished instruments ranges from the piano to the
banjo, the bouzouki to the mandolin.

with a degree in english from emory college, saliers is also smitten with

"i love words," she says. "i could sit and read the dictionary for hours.
words deepen our lives. i'm a voracious reader." and a self-admitted

"i've loved food my whole life," she says. "i used to always go to howard
johnson's and have fried clams. i love the way food brings people together.
i was an initial investor in the flying biscuit cafc) in atlanta." she is
also co-owner of the watershed restaurant in decatur, where she says the
chef won the james beard award for best chef in the southeast. "it's like
food grandma would make," she says.

also interested in theater, saliers has been in several productions. she
and ray performed in the 1994 revival of "jesus christ superstar" in
atlanta with ray as jesus and saliers as mary magdalene.

"it was really fun," she says. "i did theater in high school. i wish i
hadn't let it go. i enjoy the arts in general."

the pair also appeared in the feature film "boys on the side." they had no
lines but did some songs, and the 2006 documentary "wordplay," in which
they discuss their reaction to appearing in the new york times crossword

when not on stage performing in either their act or their theatrical
endeavors, the pair is also known for their political activism covering the
bases from gay rights -- both women are openly lesbian -- to the rights of
native americans, to the national coalition to abolish the death penalty.
that in mind, for this tour they are partnering with the "rock for a
remedy" organization to fill the local food banks. guests at the upcoming
concert are asked to bring non-perishable items that will be collected and
distributed to needy causes.

"thirty-five million people in america cannot feed themselves," says
salier. "the food banks are overwhelmed. so far we've had a good turnout
and collected tons of food, for both humans and pets. every community has a
food bank and animal shelter [she has two rescue dogs] and all of them need
food. we encourage people to bring a food item. we have to keep giving."

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