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subject: [ig-news] article from the fort worth star-telegram

hi folks,

here's a small but nice article from the fort worth star-telegram.  you can
read it online at


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thursday, may 21, 2009
posted on tue, may. 19, 2009
indigo girls bring tour and terrific new album to dallas show

by heather svokos
twenty years ago, the indigo girls lost the best new artist grammy -- to
milli vanilli.

well, we all know what became of those impostors, but the indigo girls have
been around long enough to put out 11 studio albums and build an army of
harmony-worshipping followers.

the girls, emily saliers and amy ray, with the unmistakably
satin-and-sandpaper vocals, will appear tonight at the lakewood theater in
dallas. they're promoting their new, self-produced album, poseidon and the
bitter bug, a terrific two-disc collection of songs ranging from saliers'
defiantly hopeful love of our lives to ray's edgily nostalgic,
imagery-laden driver education and sugar tongue, which one critic called
"the most hummable indictment of colonialism you're likely to hear this

toward the end of their nearly 20-year relationship with epic records, the
folk-rock duo were feeling overlooked and signed with the disney-owned
hollywood records. in 2006, they released the well-reviewed despite our
differences, with the help of producer mitchell froom, who has worked with
elvis costello, bonnie raitt and sheryl crow. but while the girls were
touring behind the record, they got an uneasy feeling. "we saw the way
their interest level sort of waned," ray said.

hollywood abruptly dropped them.

that only reinforced what ray had been mulling for years -- going indie.
having put out a few solo records, she was familiar with the scene. the
girls felt liberated, but a little worried. would they, for one thing,
still be able to afford the same musicians?

"but we just carried on and organized our recording sessions as we had
planned to do," ray said. "everybody just came to the table and helped, and
lowered their prices, and ended up making the record in like 3b 1/2
weeks, and doing the project we wanted to do creatively."

the first disc of poseidon and the bitter bug is 10 songs with full band
treatment; the second is acoustic versions of the same songs (plus a bonus:
ray's salty south). the double disc treatment was froom's idea.

indigo girls with guests lloyd maines and terri hendrix

7 tonight
lakewood theater, 1825 abrams parkway, dallas
$37.50 general admission

tickets: through ticketmaster until 4 p.m. (,
972-647-5700); or the lakewood theater box office by phone, 214-821-7469,
or in person after 2 p.m.

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