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date: tue, 19 may 2009 10:10:58 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] mesa show review from the arizona republic

hi folks,

following on from last week's pre-show article-fest from the arizona
republic, here's a review of the concert there.  you can read it online at


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fans stay seated for indigo girls
by tracy collins - may. 18, 2009 09:00 am
the arizona republic

indigo girls amy ray and emily saliers made their first stop in the valley
in a decade sunday night, and their taste of our record run of 100-degree
may days made an impression.

"the heat is impressive," saliers told the crowd at mesa arts center's
ikeda theater. "it takes your breath away."

maybe it was a day in the heat, or the cool temperatures and comfy seats in
the beautiful theater, or a set list dominated by tracks from the band's
laid-back, 10-week-old release, "poseidon and the bitter bug." whatever the
reason, the show set a new standard for mellow. there was no shortage of
appreciation for the harmonies and guitar-playing talent that have built a
solid fan base over the last 25 years, but it was all . . . so polite.

aside from a vocal cluster of a dozen or so fans seated about 30 rows back,
no more than five to 10 people ever stood up at a time during a song until
the main set closed after 21 of them. even the rollicking "shame on you"
and "get out the map" that the band has used to ignite many an audience
dance session was met with folks rocking forward in their seats but
avoiding taking their feet seemingly at all cost.

several times when ray and saliers changed guitars following a new song the
audience was unfamiliar with (but rewarded with mild applause), there was a
stone silence. it was eerie but . . . so polite.

one hopes the payoff for the crowd was that it absorbed the impressive new
material. songs like "money made you mean" and "sugar tongue" were great
songs done well. saliers and ray usually perform as just a duo or with a
full band, but with this tour has unveiled a new arrangement, adding
keyboardist julie wolf to fill out the songs more completely. she played an
integral part in the show, whether playing piano or accordion, on new songs
or old favorites.

while the set list included eight of the 10 songs on the new album, it also
featured singles and deep cuts from nine other discs in the indigo girls'
catalogue. among the highlights were ray's great solo rendition of "romeo
and juliet" and ray's strong vocals on "everything in its own time."

but it wasn't until the anthemic "closer to fine" closed the main set that
the majority of the crowd took to their feet, and most of them stayed there
through the staples "land of canaan" and "galileo" in the encore, after
politeness finally turned into passion.

indigo girls set list

may 17, 2009, mesa arts center

1. love of our lives
2. sugar tongue
3. fill it up again
4. ozilline
5. power of two
6. driver education
7. what are you like
8. fugitive
9. everything in its own time
10. shame on you
11. get out the map
12. second time around
13. fleet of hope
14. jonas and ezekial
15. pendulum swinger
16. money made you mean
17. digging for your dreams
18. romeo & juliet
19. i'll change
20. chicken man/bitterroot (medley)
21. closer to fine


22. land of canaan
23. galileo

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