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date: thu, 14 may 2009 10:27:24 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] 3 articles from the arizona republic

hey folks,

here are three small articles from the arizona republic.

the first article is online at:

the second article can be found at:

the third article is at

these three articles are actually accompaniment for another larger article,
which i'll send along in a minute...


- ---begin forwarded article 1---
amy ray on changing times, activism
by tracy collins - may. 12, 2009 03:10 pm
the arizona republic

the bush years were trying times for social activists the indigo girls.
with a new president, new gains for gay rights in iowa and new hampshire
and plenty of turmoil, things are changing quickly. and that suits amy ray
just fine. her thoughts, shared in a phone interview with :

on changing times

"i'm excited about these times. i think if you take all of (the political
events) and put it with what's happening with the arts - i mean the pop
arts, with the internet and how much it's changing things - i think you put
all that together and it spells upheaval and revolution. and i'm with
(president) obama on the 'change is good' thing. i've always liked change,
and i like to see it when things get shifted around.

on the fruits of activism

"there are a lot of doors opening in (causes) emily and i have been working
on for a long time. and it's fun to see that and be a part of it. and to do
work and not just feel like we're just hitting our head against the wall.
we're not just maintaining balance, but we're actually going to tip the
scales in our favor. which is a cool feeling."

on coming together

"i feel like there are some bridges being built between people who have
different ideologies. the iowa decision (ruling a ban on gay marriage
unconstitutional) is a great example of things happening in areas where
people wouldn't normally think things would happen. which i think is good.
it teaches us. because i'm a southerner, i get very tired of people
thinking in one generally stereotypic way about one area and putting it in
a certain category or even fantasizing it in a way that doesn't give it its
own nuance and identity."

on economic troubles

"i'm worried about the economy, and i have a lot of friends who are out of
work right now. a lot. so, that's hard to watch. we just have to help each
other out and do things in our communities to help each other - whether
it's lending your neighbor a couple hundred bucks or what. it's doing
whatever you can."

activism wasn't a factor when the duo started - ray was 15, "and we were
more worried about what song we were going to play for our english class
tomorrow." but to borrow from one of the band's songs, they soon learned
"the power of two."

sparking their activism

"early in our careers, before we even signed with a record label, we would
do a little benefit here or there and raise a few hundred dollars. and it
felt like, 'oh, this works.' for us, even the small stuff showed you can
have an effect on your community with what you're doing. funneling your
gifts into that and engaging with your community is something we wanted to

the cumulative effect

"we don't ever think about large impact because we work on such a community
level. the groups we work with have such small budgets and take such small
steps. but they all add up to this huge impact we can be proud of."

- ---begin forwarded article 2---
indigo girls' amy ray lists her favorites
by tracy collins - may. 12, 2009 03:15 pm
the arizona republic

amy ray, in five songs (twice)

followers of facebook know the drill, and we put amy ray through it.

the social networking site is notorious for its quickie quizzes and lists
that are meant to show deep introspection in 50 words or fewer.

so, we asked ray: name the five songs that best define you as an artist.

her list, heavy on recent works:

1. "kid fears" (from "indigo girls," 1989): "from early times."

2-3. "sugar tongue" and "second time around" ("poseidon and the bitter
bug," 2009): "these define me in my community and my politics."

4. "late bloom" (from the solo "stag," 2001)

5. "bus bus" (from the solo "didn't it feel kinder," 2008)

but also like facebook, we have the chance to comment. here are five songs
worth downloading to show you ray's surprising range:

1. "johnny rottentail" (from "stag," 2001): it's appalachian punk.

2. "tether" ("all that we let in," 2004): this is her "stairway to heaven."

3. "rock and roll heaven's gate" ("despite our differences," 2007): who
says these girls can't rock?

4. "shame on you" ("shaming of the sun," 1997): infectious concert
sing-along with a conscience.

5. "jonas and ezekial" ("rites of passage," 1992): acoustic anger with a

- ---begin forwarded article 3---
the evolution of the indigo girls

by tracy collins - may. 12, 2009 03:20 pm
the arizona republic

the tour for "poseidon and the bitter bug" marks a new incarnation of the
indigo girls' sound.

amy ray and emily saliers have long mixed their tours, playing with a full
band or playing acoustic sets with just the two of them. on this tour, they
are joined by keyboardist julie wolf, giving the old routines a new twist.

"the newest record is pretty keyboard-heavy - actually a few of our records
are - so it works really well," ray says. "with julie, it's even a
different arrangement, kind of a hybrid of the band and the acoustic thing.
there are some things we might switch up that didn't have that much
keyboards going on, but we added a piano part to just kind of give it
another angle.

"it's fun. we enjoy the challenge of different configurations."

and the show has been earning raves from reviewers and fans alike. to the
joy of saliers and ray, that response has been showered on the new material
as well.

"this is the first record in a few records where we can play all of the
songs as an acoustic duo live, or with the three of us, or as a full band,
and be really comfortable with it," ray says. "we tried to scale it down to
just us as a duo, and then tried to pump it up as a band."

ray says if "the economics" work out, the indigo girls might do a couple of
weeks of shows with a full band. but it's more likely that fans at ikeda
theatre will see the new three-person set.

the indigo girls
opening act: anais mitchell.
when: 7:30 p.m., sunday, may 17.
where: ikeda theater at the mesa arts center, 1 e. main st.
tickets: $38.
details: 480-644-6500,

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date: thu, 14 may 2009 10:30:34 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] arizona republic main article

hey folks,

here's the main article from the arizona republic.  you can read it online

also, if you want to read a not-quite-so-glowing review of the new album
from the music box, you can do so here:


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls happy to be independent
by by tracy collins - may. 12, 2009 03:22 pm
the arizona republic

once upon a time, in the days before digital downloads changed the music
business forever, being without a record contract was about as low as an
artist could go.

the indigo girls know those days. they come from a college-rock scene in
athens, ga., that spawned r.e.m. and the b-52s, and signed a major-label
deal riding the same folk wave that brought tracy chapman and suzanne vega
into the national consciousness - days when labels ruled the music world.

now, for the first time in two decades, amy ray and emily saliers have shed
that security blanket and returned to life as independents. and they
couldn't be happier.

"it's all good. anything bad was the same with a major label," says ray,
calling from connecticut on tour to promote "poseidon and the bitter bug,"
an ambitious, two-disc set released in march. "we're in a great position
and feel like we're working for ourselves. for me, it's been totally
liberating. emily and i had to come to a place where we both agreed it was
the right time, and this was it. and it feels really good for everybody."

the tour brings saliers and ray to the ikeda theater in the mesa arts
center on may 17. while ray was in the valley in january for a show to
support her solo album, "didn't it feel kinder," this will be the first
indigo girls visit in a decade.

"really? it's been that long?" ray says. "i always tell our agent we want
to play the southwest more. we've done a lot of our environmental work
there. we've done a lot of honor the earth events in the southwest, which
are separate from the indigo girls."

causes like the environment, gay rights, native american rights and feeding
the poor are part of the fabric of the band, not just in their off-stage
pursuits but in their songwriting.

their strong beliefs have always left ray and saliers facing critics who
might otherwise have liked their soaring harmonies. still, it produces
loyal audiences that make life on the road rewarding.

"if you can tap into community radio and not try to play the commercial
hand, there are people who want to go," ray says. "it may be a smaller
number, but it's a richer experience.

"emily and i have realistic expectations about it. it's not out of wanting
the numbers. we come because we actually like the area."

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