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hey folks,

here's a review from the hartford courant.  you can read it online at the
url below...


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indigo girls still exhibit rich vocal harmonies

by thomas kintner

special to the courant

april 19, 2009

amy ray and emily saliers have worked together as the indigo girls since
1985, and have in that time built and kept vital a distinctive brand of
sweet-sounding folk rock. a room full of loyal fans turned out to hear the
duo when it came to the university of hartford's lincoln auditorium
saturday night as the headliner of an entertaining double bill that
benefited camp courant as part of the school's music for a change series.

the pair's rich vocal harmonies are among its most appealing qualities, and
were on display when the show opened with saliers leading the way toward
interlocking choruses amid the juicy pulse of "love of our lives." the
georgia-raised 45-year-olds were accompanied by julie wolf, whose organ
lines trimmed the billowing "sugar tongue" as ray piloted the number with a
vocal that had slightly sharper edges than what her partner typically

their instrumental roles changed as frequently as the ways their voices
merged; ray drove the propulsive bob of "yield" with mandolin and added a
subtle edge to the electronic backbeat of "digging for your dream" with a
rare bit of electric guitar, while saliers splashed banjo across the
surface of "ozilline" and augmented the tight yet dynamic vocal harmonies
of "shame on you" with a juicy bit of acoustic guitar picking.

the pair recently released its first independent album since 1987, almost
all of which showed up during the performance. the jaunty new "what are you
like?" compared favorably with familiar past fare such as "hammer and a
nail" and the bounding "get out the map," as the duo continued to find
fresh ways to put familiar elements together.

the two singers have their similarities when it comes to wrapping a voice
around a lyric, but it's their differences that make the interplay work,
whether saliers adding wistful color to the supple, sparsely adorned "i'll
change" or ray anchoring the stout bob of "heartache for everyone." their
counterpoints reared their heads frequently, and were augmented further
when opening act shawn mullins returned to join them for the springy,
richly harmonized closer, a joyous chorus of "closer to fine" with wolf's
accordion sewn into the backdrop.

mullins was again on hand to add a bit of a rough edge as the encore began
with the acoustic pulse of "kid fears." ray and saliers then brought the
show sailing to a close as their voices coalesced neatly again, forging an
alluring alloy as they drove the hopeful and hearty "galileo."

mullins meshed grounded storytelling and fluid singing in his 45 solo
minutes, using spoken word delivery that was rhythmically crisp and a touch
salty around the edges to adorn the steady pulse of "light you up." his
tales flowed with comfortable authority, whether built from ascending
passions atop a supple acoustic guitar backbone in "twin rocks, oregon," or
the sinewy lilt of "shimmer." massively overplayed in its 1998 heyday but
still possessed of a pleasantly shifty cadence, his signature hit "lullaby"
made for a rousing finish to a strong opening set.

the indigo girls show saturday night included the following songs: "love of
our lives," "sugar tongue," "hammer and a nail," "yield," "fill it up
again," "driver education," "what are you like?" "dairy queen," "power of
two," "three hits," "digging for your dream," "ozilline," "pendulum
swinger," "shame on you," "get out the map," "ghost of the gang," "i'll
change," "heartache for everyone," "fleet of hope," "second time around,"
"closer to fine," (encore) "kid fears," "galileo."

copyright 2009, the hartford courant

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