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hi folks,

here's an article from access atlanta.  you can read it online at


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indigo girls have lasted over 22 years
what have they learned

by sonia murray
for the ajc
sunday, may 03, 2009

twenty-two years after their first cd, which they released themselves,
atlanta folk duo the indigo girls are back in the independent record

with 10 major label studio albums behind them, a grammy award and an
established fan base -- thanks to their live shows and careerlong activism
- --emily saliers and amy ray are definitely two to talk to for industry
tips; (not to mention career reflections).

so here are three things the indigos wish they knew the first time around;
three things that are harder or different as they promote current cd
"poseidon and the bitter bug"; and three things that have gotten easier
over the years:

wish they'd known ...

>> "i kind of wish i'd known that it would have been ok to be independent a
lot earlier than we were," begins saliers, who's joined ray at their
manager russell carter's intown office.

>> "i wish i had known when we started to have more of a discipline about
songwriting," says ray. "i think it took me a long time to really catch up
to our success in some ways. not until maybe nine or 10 years ago did i
really feel like i had a discipline around it and would spend a certain
amount of time every day, a certain number of days a week, making a
concerted effort. it actually helped my songwriting a lot. i wish i had
known that in the beginning because i would have been a lot better, a lot

>> "i wish i had known when we first got signed to epic, not to have any
fear about talking about our sexuality in the national press," saliers
says. "the progressive and queer community helped make us what we are
today... i should have known what was right was to support my community and
not be so concerned about my career."

what's harder, different

>> "ever since radio [was] deregulated in b96 and corporations started
snapping them up, you sort of lost that sense of regionalism," saliers
says. "like a group like the georgia satellites could come out and have a
hit. or a group like the bodeans could come out of their geographical place
and have a hit. and that doesn't really happen anymore. radio has become
very homogenized and corporate."

>> "hey, and i guess i should just add [radio airplay is] impossible for
us, specifically, in certain formats," ray says. "we could spend a zillion
dollars and we would never be on top 40 radio because of our age and our
sex and our sexual persuasion. and so, some of it is not limited by money.
some of it is limited just by image ... or limited by brain."

>> "it gets harder to be away from home," saliers adds. "i'm kind of a
split personality in that i've always loved touring. and i still do love
it. ... but as we get a little older, i just find myself wanting to sit on
my back patio and look at the trees. i've got owls in the backyard i just
want to listen to them and feel the pace of life at home."

what's gotten easier

>> "it's easier to make a record than it used to be for us," ray says.

"we made these two records in three weeks," saliers adds.

"i think we sing better in the studio than we used to," continues ray. "it
gets easier because you learn how to access more. you learn how to open up

>> "we've also learned a lot about how to be better activists over the
years, through mentors," saliers says. "once we met winona laduke ... she
and other mentors in the indigenous communities taught us a paradigm for
grass-roots activism that we learned we could easily implement into any of
the activism that we do."

>> "as far as building the community as far as music goes, the web has
improved a lot of stuff for us," ray says. "those networking sites are
great for getting tour dates.

>> "it's too much communication for me," saliers continues with a laugh. "i
don't twitter. i don't think i ever will."

find this article at:

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