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  [ig-news] i have two extra tix for the indigo girls show in fresno: 2nd row center aisle.  ["karen rosenblum" <ind]


date: wed, 22 apr 2009 12:35:11 -0700
from: "karen rosenblum" <>
subject: [ig-news] i have two extra tix for the indigo girls show in fresno: 2nd row center aisle.

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hey y'all

i have two extra tickets for the fresno gig. 16 july. 2nd row center aisle
(seats 10-11).

here's the seating chart: .

i bought them from music today for a little over $100 total. i'll gladly
take $100 for the pair or $52 (that was face) for individual tickets. i'd
much rather sell the pair. they're at will call, but i will be at the show
(and can maaaybe even change the will call to your name. this is music today
and they're nice like that). i'd kind of need the cash in advance (these tix
are all sitting on my credit card), but am willing to take half in advance
and half the night of if we leave the tix under my name. if i can put them
in your name, i'd want it all up front. let me know.


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