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date: wed, 15 apr 2009 11:33:41 -0400
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subject: [ig-news] albany, ny show setlist and review

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thought i might post this here...i also put it on my facebook page,
livejournal, and indigovortex.

the show last night rocked!!

love of our lives
fill it up again
power of two
three hits (it always pleases me when this makes the setlist. it's one of
the first three songs that i ever heard by ig and always tugs at my heart
strings for that reason.)
get out the map
driver education
what are you like
fleet of hope
shame on you
prince of darkness (can we say holy crow?! i nearly fell out of my seat. had
i have been standing i may have needed to sit down...and they sounded
second time around
digging for your dreams (apparently julie has a drum track that she plays
along with this song. i did not enjoy this rendition. i would have rather
them have truly played it acoustic.)
become you
hammer and a nail (yay!)
ghost of the gang
land of canaan (double yay!!)
closer to fine (w/shawn mullins)

kid fears (w/shawn mullins) (triple yay!!!)

my oh so quick thoughts:

amy was all smiles!! she looked like she was having a good time and
mentioned that she had had a nice birthday. apparently emily and crew had
been hanging out in albany over easter weekend.

at one point amy was putting on her mandolin and she strummed it and asked
sullie to change mandolins. so she walked over to sullie and quietly said
"this one sounds like crap." the whole audience laughed. and she looked out
and said "i really didn't scream that." what a performer might forget is
that the egg was designed for it's acoustics. i have watched performers do
amazing things completely unplugged and no mics in that room. you can hear a
pin drop when it's quiet. so we all had a good laugh over that.

someone from down the row from me shouted out and asked how many guitars
they had. amy quickly replied "we're old, we have a lot because we never
sell ours." and then she and emily asked sullie how many instruments were on
tour and i think the answer was 17. and then the same chatterbox guy asked
if he could hang out with sullie after the show, and amy and emily were like
it's better to catch her before a show because afterwards she is busy
putting everything away and you don't want to mess with "her guitars". quite

you could tell they were definitely promoting the new disc. every other word
out of their mouths seemed to be "we have a new cd."

they sounded amazing. harmonies were kickin, banter was great, setlist was
refreshing, and julie wolf is always a lovely compliment to them.

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- - douglas adams

"if we have a pulse, we have a responsibility to work toward dismantling
oppression." - lyndell montgomery

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