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date:    sun, 22 mar 2009 10:30:25 +1100
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: billboard review

hi folks,

here's a billboard review of the new album.  you can read it online here:


---begin forwarded article---
artist: indigo girls

album: poseidon and the bitter bug (ig recordings/vanguard)

it's been 22 years and 10 major-label albums since the indigo girls'=
independently released debut, and their return to self-governance is a=
sweet relief. this set contains two discs, one of full-band recordings of=
the album's 10 tracks and one of acoustic versions, plus a bonus song -- a=
decision that's as good a "because we can" statement as any. musically, amy=
ray and emily saliers apply their familiar close harmony and nimble=
songwriting to a bit of experimentation beyond their folk-rock trade. in=
"digging for your dream," saliers' guitar somersaults in decidedly r&b=
fashion, while ray's "driver education" dabbles in the synth and chimes of=
'80s teen pop. the duo delivers a few real emotional stunners. saliers'=
"fleet of hope" is a breathtaking chantey of fear and acceptance, and ray=
shines on the raw devotional "true romantic," bringing to mind janis joplin=
(along with an unexpected dose of morrissey).

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