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subject: "poseidon and the bitter bug" review from

hi folks,

here's a review of the new album from  you can read it online at=


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review: indigo girls offer independent double-disc
by caryn rousseau, associated press writer
friday, march 20, 2009
(03-20) 11:14 pdt , (ap) --

indigo girls, "poseidon and the bitter bug," (ig recordings/vanguard=

amy ray and emily saliers spent three weeks in an atlanta recording studio=
and came out of the sessions with a double disc of songs showcasing the=
duo's storytelling talents and guitar melodies.

the two discs that make up the indigo girls' latest, "poseidon and the=
bitter bug," each contain the same 10 songs -- five from ray and five from=
saliers. the first disc features rich, full band orchestrations and the=
second disc a stripped-down set of just the indigo girls and their=

the songs stay true to their style -- using guitar and percussion to tell=
american stories of good and evil, love, loss and life with well-crafted=
lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm.

if the full-band disc puts passion and sound between your headphones, the=
acoustic disc has an immediate intimacy weighted with little more than bare=
voices and instruments. it will remind longtime fans of their stylings on=
"closer to fine" or "power of two" on 1995's double-live disc, "1200=

the album's "don't miss" tracks include saliers'"digging for your dream" and=
ray's laid-back and bluesy "sugar tongue." both continue the band's folk=
rock heritage.

ray and saliers have been in the game for more than 20 years and have=
released 10 studio albums. these discs are the first on their independent=
ig recordings label distributed by vanguard records. the songwriting on=
this album reveals two world-weary women reflecting on the joys and sorrows=
of a partial life lived.

check out this track: don't miss "salty south," a bonus track buried halfway=
through the second disc. the acoustic track starts with the invitation to=
"just pull up a chair. i got time for tears. tell me all the stories that=
you never did." it's almost the thesis of the rest of the record. later on,=
a harmonica pokes in, giving the track a feeling of an old crow medicine=
show or gillian welch song.

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