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date:    sun, 8 feb 2009 16:24:01 +1100
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subject: salt lake tribune article

hey folks,

sorry, this is a little bit out of date, but here's an amy article/interview=
from the salt lake tribune.  you can read it online at=


---begin forwarded article---
music: ray serves as a ray of light for salt lake's krcl
one-half of the indigo girls will play concert with song dedicated to utah=
radio station.

by david burger

the salt lake tribune
posted:02/05/2009 06:00:00 pm mst

one person who already has tickets for amy ray's show friday is troy=
williams, producer of local radio station krcl's radioactive show. "imagine=
your favorite band writing a song about [krcl's] work," williams said.

that's exactly what ray, one-half of the influential folk duo indigo girls,=
did on her fourth solo album, "didn't it feel kinder," released last=
august. in "slc radio," ray sings, "i'm pulling in to the lds nation=
looking for a community station / 'cause i've heard about the kids in salt=
lake city / and how they fight to be set free and how they fight / for you=
and me radio community."

"[krcl is] the epitome of what community radio is and should be," ray said=
in a tribune interview. she wrote the song after a visit to the krcl=
studios in may 2005, saying she was inspired by the station's activism,=
independence and enthusiasm.

the inspiration, apparently, was reciprocal. ray and the indigo girls were a=
ray of light for williams in the 1980s, he said. "the indigo girls were one=
of the pivotal acts that made me not feel like a freak," said williams, who=
formerly hosted krcl's "now queer this" program. once he became involved in=
radio, one of his goals --- now accomplished -- was to cultivate a=
relationship with ray.

"[salt lake city] does have a progressive community," said ray, 44, a=
georgia native. "we should use the mormons as a way of understanding each=
other. there are good things that come out of [the mormon faith], if it=
wasn't for the prejudices."

prejudice, to ray, was symbolized by the church of jesus christ of=
latter-day saints' support of prop. 8 in california, the successful state=
initiative that banned legal status for same-sex marriages. "it's just=
wrong," she said of the church's actions. "the lds shouldn't be involved in=
that. i thought it was a stupid way to spend your money."

ray hasn't come to utah to preach, but instead will be playing harder-edged=
rock songs from her solo work. she doesn't see her new songs as indigo=
girls songs, determined sometimes by subject matter, and sometimes when she=
doesn't hear her bandmate emily saliers' "voice."

ray is especially excited about her opening act, an experimental rock band=
called arizona, which caught her attention when one of the band members was=
an intern at her record label. she invited the band to play on ray's album,=
and said she'll join them onstage.

"there is cross-pollination between the sets," said ben wigler, arizona's=
lead singer. he said he owes much of his career to ray, because the band's=
first out-of-state gigs were opening for the indigo girls in 2006. "she's=
angelic," wigler said.

some in salt lake city might disagree with him. but that's ok with ray.

amy ray >> feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m.
where >> avalon, 3605 s. state st., south salt lake
tickets >> $15 at smithstix
opening act >> arizona

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