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subject: [ig-news] ny press blog entry about new album

hi folks,

interesting info about the new album (due in march) below.  you can see this entry online at


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dec 12
indigo girls launch own imprint: lesbians rejoice
in section: press play
posted by: jerry portwood

i must have seen the indigo girls live at least a dozen times when i lived in atlanta, before moving to nyc. the hometown girls would take the stage for multi-day fests or show up at museum nights or benefit concerts. it's was hard not to witness the fab lesbian folksy duo. and then emily saliers had her restaurants (she's currently co-owner of haute southern watershed, which actually has indigo girls tracks playing on their website) and amy ray started the excellent daemon records which supported a growing roster of feisty small bands, as well as distributing her solo work.

it's been three years since the girls have released a studio album together, and they're now teaming up to start their own imprint, ig records, which will release their new 2-cd album, poseidon and the bitter bug, and will be distributed through vanguard records. they're working with producer mitchell froom, and the album promises to be reminiscent of the duo's popular melodies and rhythm.

in a statement in a press release, emily saliers says, for a band like us, it might feel inauthentic if we tried to branch out in some crazy way musically. that's why amy makes solo records, so she can do her own thing outside of what we do together. as a unit, we do what we do and mitchell just happens to bring the best out of it.  that's a good thing at this point in our career.

amy ray has long chafed at the strictures of the major labels and had this to say: i feel a great sense of freedom in finally being rid of the major-label world, ray says. its been a burden for a while for me. i felt an honesty and sincerity making poseidon, because i fully believe in independence.

is this the beginning of a lilith fair-type resurgence in folksy female-centered music? will sarah maclachlan come out of seclusion and begin to promote a new wave of female folk rockers? we'll wait and see.

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