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subject: [ig-news] free lance-star amy interview

hi folks,

here's an article from the free lance-star in fredericksberg - you can read
it online at


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>> amy ray tackles virginia tech shootings and more in rock side-project
indigo girl gets finer with time
november 13, 2008 12:36 am

by jesse scott

for the free lance-star

after 20 years of being an indigo girl, one would think a nice, fancy
super-size tour bus would be expected. this is not the case for amy ray.

"now that we've got a good van to work with out here, things are going
pretty well," ray said during a recent phone interview from massachusetts.

"it's been a little bit rocky, but we should be ready to go, now that we're
not having vehicle problems."

though she's known for gritty guitar, sharp lyrics and impassioned
political activism, ray seems to be in surprisingly good humor.

on temporary hiatus from the indigo girls (made up of ray and emily
saliers), she also appears to be at her most raw and authentic phase yet in
her career.

ray performs a "full-on rock show" at washington's 9:30 club tomorrow night
and at downtown richmond's capital ale house saturday.

she'll be trading the indigo girls' acoustic folk for some drums, bass and
a les paul guitar--and her lyrics will be on full blast, as well.

on past albums, ray has hit on everything from sexual identity to gender
issues. needless to say, she's not afraid to sing about what's on her mind.

but ray's third solo album, "didn't it feel kinder," paints her
perspectives on an even greater canvas. she touches on everything from
spiritual conservatism ("slc radio") to the virginia tech shootings ("who
sold the gun").

"i was witnessing the virginia tech memorial services on tv and was pretty
shocked," she said.

"i found it striking how we would be so shocked that someone would turn to
violence, when we've become a society immersed in it. we are simply
over-fascinated with violence."

from bombs blowing up in baghdad to video games encouraging violent action,
ray points the finger at an american society drenched in aggression.

however, she not only points the finger--ray takes action. throughout her
career, ray has been a powerful advocate for everything from gay rights to
environmental protection to women's rights.

"musician or not, i would be an activist," she said. "as a musician, i am
proud to be able to gather people together to give a voice to other
activists. and if people don't want to listen to it, they don't have to."

it's simply hard not listen to what amy ray has to say, though. her music
is innovative, catchy and offers her unique look at the world based on what
she's seen in her own personal triumphs and struggles.

there's no doubt ray will certainly continue to talk the talk, whether
onstage or on a static-filled mobile phone from a questionable van in
massachusetts. but just remember, she walks the walk, too.

jesse scott is a freelance writer in fredericksburg. reach him at

what: indigo girl amy ray performs full-on rock, with opener jennifer
o'connor. where: 9:30 club, 815 v st. n.w., washington when: tomorrow, 6
p.m. cost: $15 info: 202/265-0930 web: where: capital ale house,
623 e. main st., richmond when: saturday, 8 p.m. cost: $15 to $18 info:
804/780-ales web:

copyright 2008 the free lance-star publishing company.

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