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  [ig-news] indigo girls/brandi carlile on a cruise!  [laura mclane <lmmclan]
  [ig-news] arkansas democrat-gazette amy interview  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@p]


date: mon, 9 jun 2008 13:48:02 -0400
from: laura mclane <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girls/brandi carlile on a cruise!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

hi ya'll.

just wanted to pass on some news.  my girlfriend works for a company
called sixthman in atlanta that produces rock cruises.  one of the
more popular boats is a singer-songwriter cruise called cayamo.
today, it was finally released that indigo girls and brandi carlile
will be two of the headliners this year...  they will be joining,
among others, lyle lovett, john hiatt, patty griffin, and shawn colvin.

just wanted to let you all know.  you can go to for
details!  book fast if you're interested... it will sell out.


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date: tue, 10 jun 2008 11:11:09 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] arkansas democrat-gazette amy interview

hi folks,

this is from the arkansas democrat-gazette - you can read it online at ...


- ---begin forwarded articles--- :: northwest arkansas arkansas democrat-gazette
music : indigo girls' biodiesel bus to pull in to lr
by jack w. hill
posted on sunday, june 8, 2008


although indigo girls have been together since 1985, tuesday night will
mark the georgia duo's first foray into central arkansas.

amy ray and emily saliers have logged miles and miles in those 23 years,
and ray recalls a show or two in fayetteville, and one in eureka springs
with ani difranco, but little rock has been off the beaten path until this

"we just didn't get any offers to play there," ray reckons.

the duo's show at robinson will be an all-acoustic gig, with ray and
saliers augmented by a side musician on keyboards and accordion.

"and we'll be playing eight or nine numbers with our opening act, brandi
carlile," ray says, "so the whole show becomes a big thing of going back
and forth, doing stuff together."

carlile's vocals are featured on "last tears," the final cut on the most
recent indigo girls cd, 2006 's despite our differences.

unlike some other famous duos, such as simon & garfunkel and the everly
brothers, indigo girls have not famously broken up, feuded, fought, fussed
or thrown things at each other on stage (or off, that anyone has reported
). ray and saliers went to the same elementary school in dekalb county,
ga., outside decatur, but since a year separated them they had little in
common at an early age. once at shamrock high school, however, they found
some common ground.

"we didn't start hanging out together until we were both singing in the
choir together in high school," ray says. "then we started playing songs
together for fun, and that's pretty much how we got started. but now, while
we spend time together on the road, we really don't when we're off the
road. we give each other space."

the space extends to writing songs. the women write separately, then get
together and work out what the arrangements will be.

"we just prefer to write alone," ray explains. "it gives us the chance to
express ourselves individually and sort of develop our own craft."

the first indigo girls album, strange fire, came out in 1987, followed by a
self-titled disc two years later, which had their first hit, "closer to
fine." in 1990, the duo won the grammy award for best contemporary folk
recording. another hit song, "galileo," was featured on their 1992 album,
rites of passage. thanks to their participation in the lilith fair tour,
another tune, "shame on you," became a hit in several musical genres.

the first 14 albums had been released by epic records before the duo
switched to the disneyowned hollywood records, which had promised five
albums. but their first release was to be the last. the company abruptly
dropped the duo after despite our differences, and ray is not that unhappy
about it.

"they felt they couldn't do that much for us," ray says, "and if they
didn't do much with the last one, they weren't going to get any better, i
guess. it's a really fragile business right now, and we're not really
suited for major labels anymore. we have our infrastructure, our fan base,
so we don't really need a label. it will be better for us to be on our own
and do our own thing. "

in the meantime, ray also keeps a solo career afloat. she started her own
label, daemon records, and on aug. 5 she will release didn't it feel
kinder, her third solo cd.

often known for their activist political and social involvements, the
indigos aren't likely to campaign for any one candidate, ray says, but
rather will focus on voter registration and education as they tour.

" we're trying to get people to be engaged in a relatively non-partisan
way," she says. "we typically don't do rallies, but prefer action around
issues, voting rights and making sure the disenfranchised become
enfranchised. we get asked a lot if we're backing hillary because she's a
woman, but we haven't been. we feel pretty good about each one of the
democratic candidates. they're both great people."

indigo girls 8 p. m. tuesday, robinson center music hall, broadway and west
markham street, little rock opening act: brandi carlile tickets: $ 37. 75,
$ 27. 75 (501 ) 975-7575 or www. ticketmaster. com or ticketmaster outlets
copyright b) 2001-2008 arkansas democrat-gazette, inc. all rights reserved.

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