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hey folks,

this is from the augusta chronicle.  sorry, it's already out of date but still

you can read this online at:


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minister, musician daughter work united
family connection
by c. samantha mckevie | staff writer
saturday, january 19, 2008

it's a rarity when sacred music is mixed with secular music and performed at

many people believe that "never the twain shall meet," said the rev. don
saliers, a united methodist minister who is the father of emily saliers, a
member of the pop duo the indigo girls.

that mix of music will be featured when the salierses perform at 3 p.m. sunday
at st. john united methodist church in a fundraiser for the rape crisis center.
the show also will include discussions about the roles of music and

the rev. saliers recently retired after teaching theology and worship for 42
years at yale and emory universities. he also directed the emory masters in
sacred music program, was the organist and choirmaster for the emory cannon
chapel, and has written music for the united methodist hymnal and the roman
catholic church.

hearing secular music from musicians from younger generations and realizing that
it "goes to the soul and gives expression of the deepest parts of our lives," is
sometimes surprising to church people, the rev. saliers said.

"this concert really tries to move toward both playing and illustrating, but
also exploring how music is the language of the soul made audible. so, our joys
and our sadness, our griefs and sorrows and gladness comes out in music in a way
in which it doesn't in any other medium," he said. "and so we try to go, as it
were, on both sides, the so-called secular and the so-called sacred."

the performances started as a result of the book the salierses collaborated on,
a song to sing, a life to live: reflections on music as spiritual practice ,
published in 2005. soon, requests came for them to perform, ms. saliers said.

they started the book by recording conversations on a range of topics over
coffee -- including the rev. saliers' youth playing jazz and ms. saliers' youth
spent playing in bars -- and realized they loved working together, she said.

"dad will play piano, and i'll play guitar," she said. "we do things like
illustrate maybe one text and how it's set to music differently, so it's sort of
cross-cultural, but the text is the same.

"dad will become an indigo boy and sing one of (indigo girl amy ray's) parts,
and i sort of become a church person and sing a song that dad wrote. and also
we'll discuss how fiercely we cling to (music).

"a lot of work dad does has to do with hymns, and it almost turns into a battle
in some congregations about what hymns are chosen and kept and what new music is
introduced and people hold very, very fiercely to the kind of music that they
love and that they live by, and we did some exploring about that, like what does
music say about us, about our history, our class, our race, our experience in
life and how music is integrally woven into that."

coming from a musical family, ms. saliers said, she immensely enjoys performing
with her father when both their busy schedules permit it.

he regularly travels to do workshops and lecture; she spends time touring, in
the studio or working with indigo girls' environmental group, honor the earth.

ms. saliers said the book, and now the programs, provided an excuse "to hang out
and drink coffee and just talk about things that were important to us."

"it's really hard to describe how much it's meant to me," she said. "it's very
unusual, i think, for a father and daughter to get to spend so much time
together, and then to be able to ... do these programs and share music -- which
is one of the biggest driving forces in both of our lives.

"to take the thing we love the most and to be able to do it together and to get
along and have a great time -- it's been profoundly joyful."

reach c. samantha mckevie at (706) 823-3552 or

if you go

what: saturday night meets sunday morning music, presented by st. john united
methodist church's concerts with a cause

when: 3 p.m. sunday

where: st. john united methodist church, 736 greene st.

cost: free, but an offering will fund rape crisis center

details: call (706) 724 9641 or see

from the saturday, january 19, 2008 edition of the augusta chronicle

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