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date:    sun, 21 sep 2008 15:58:55 +1000
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subject: between the lines interview with amy

hey folks,

here's an interview with amy from between the lines in michigan.  you can=
read it online at


---begin forwarded article---
between the lines newspaper
from issue number 1638
btl chats with amy ray
after a summer-released solo album, the folk-rocker returns to the stage as=
an indigo girl
by chris azzopardi
originally printed 09/18/2008

sure, she's currently touring with indigo girls' other half, emily saliers.=
but amy ray spent much of the past year working on and promoting her third=
solo album, "didn't it feel kinder." released in august, the north=
georgia-based performer's sharp, very-candid project is shades different=
than the less-raw indigo girls material. there are saliva-inducing=
harmonies from brandi carlile. strong melodies. and horses?

what inspired the horses on the album's cover?

(laughs) my girlfriend took that picture when we were together at this honor=
the earth benefit show in pine ridge in south dakota a long time ago, and=
i've always wanted to use it for an album cover. and so i was thinking of=
the title for the record, and then i was looking through some pictures and=
revisited the horses and i was like, 'that kind of makes me feel like this=
record.' like the idea of a very wide-open space with these two individuals=
sort of learning compassion for each other and being together and being=
allies. you don't know what their relation is; you don't know if they're=
friends or just met each other for a moment - or if they're siblings or=
what they have going on. but you see that they're being close, and that's=
kind of how i wanted it to feel.

is it hard going from working with emily to working by yourself, or is it=
nice to have the ability to be separated?

it's a nice sort of perspective and it's kind of a - it's just a whole=
different world, and so in that way it's nice to have that change, and it=
gives me perspective on the indigos a little more, too. but i definitely -=
it takes a little bit of adjusting at first, 'cause i'm so used to having=
emily right beside me to sort of say, 'what do you think about that or=
this?' i kind of have to find my own level of confidence, i guess, in some=

except on this album, you had a producer for the first time.

yeah, and so that was a whole other bag - and i'm used to having a producer=
when i work with the indigo girls, so i have kind of a sense of how to work=
with a producer. but with my solo stuff i'm really - typically i would=
just, whoever was playing the song with me, we would kind of collaborate on=
ideas and it would be very - i don't wanna say unfocused - but just kind of=
free. i knew sort of what i was getting into but after we got together and=
played the first time, i just thought he was amazing and so i was just=
like, 'i really wanna do this.' but even though you welcome it, you still -=
it's also jarring at times to realize you have to do what someone else=
tells you to do (laughs).

were there creative tiffs?

oh yeah (laughs). me and greg (griffith, the producer) are a lot like. we=
definitely butted heads a lot. i mean, there were a lot of moody moments=
where i didn't even wanna talk to him, and he didn't wanna talk to me. but=
we would never fight; that's just not gonna happen with me or him.

you wrote a lot of these songs in a casino, is that right?

(laughs) yeah, i mean a lot of them i started at my house, but probably half=
of this record i finished at the mohegan sun (in connecticut). i was just=
on task and just working and using garageband (the mac program). my room=
was just a mess. it was crazy. there was just writing everywhere and=
guitars laying around, but it was such a great opportunity to be in the=
same place for that many days and not really have anything to do - 'cause i=
don't gamble.

indigo girls with kathleen edwards
8 p.m. oct. 4
kalamazoo state theater

chris azzopardi is the entertainment editor of between the lines. to reach=
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