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subject: access atlanta emily interview

hi folks,

here's an emily interview from access atlanta.  you can read it online at


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chastain park: indigo girls, sept. 13
indigo girls find hometown shows exciting, nerve-racking

by jon waterhouse

for accessatlanta

thursday, september 11, 2008

for emily saliers, one-half of the locally-based folk-rock duo indigo
girls, performing in atlanta means a lot of things. among them: guest
lists, hitting the mark in front of the hometown folks; and making sure a
stop at decatur eatery watershed (saliers is co-owner) is on the itinerary.

a hometown guest list has to be challenging.

it is a bit. there are only so many tickets you can have, and it's
obviously our largest guest list in the country. sometimes phone calls come
in at the last minute, but i think at this point after all of these years,
it's just to be expected. the most important thing is that our family and
friends are there, and that always feels good. it works out.

describe the dynamic of an atlanta show.

there's a certain excitement about being home, for sure, no matter what the
venue is in atlanta. playing in atlanta is exciting, because we spend so
much time playing in other cities. playing at home is such a unique
feeling. there's that, but in other ways it's a little more nerve-racking,
because it's more hyped up and special because you are home, and all of
your family and friends are there. .

some artists have an issue with chastain's wine-and-cheese audience.

mostly our shows have been good there. i know what you're talking about,
because i've been to shows there where people talk through the show. i've
actually left shows before, because i couldn't believe people were talking
through it. but our fans are so good, and i think they really come to hear
the music. it's a very, very good experience overall. if it were a negative
thing, we wouldn't continue to go back and play there. it's just such a
beautiful venue.

the band recruits a green team at certain venues. how's that going?

it's going great. we don't do it in every town, but we work out a way to
stagger it so that it's most effective. we have green teams come in and get
tickets to the show, t-shirts or whatever they want. and they come and make
sure the recycling is taken to its proper recycling place. it's all a part
of our whole effort to reduce our carbon imprint. we run the bus on
biodiesel, and we're trying to switch over to large containers of water
instead of individual bottles. we're trying not to waste and make sure
there are recycling at all of our venues. it's just part of our effort. and
it's fun for fans. we meet the green team and say hi. and that way we know
the recycling is going to where it's meant to go instead of maybe being
dumped at the end of the night after we leave town.

how much do you miss your restaurant watershed on the road?

i miss it terribly. i love that restaurant, and i'm really proud of the
food. even if i weren't an owner and an affiliate, i'd eat at that
restaurant regularly just because of the vibe and the excellent food. we're
getting ready to celebrate our 10th year this year. so through tough times
and good times, we've been able to stand through.

what's your go-to entree?

the cheeseburger. it's one of the top three burgers i've ever had. [chef
scott peacock's] approach is all about fresh ingredients, locally grown
whenever possible and organic. it's just about simplicity and goodness, and
that's what that burger is.

the 411: $30-$55. 8 p.m. sept. 13. chastain park amphitheatre, stella drive
and poole road, atlanta. 404-249-6400,

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