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date:    sat, 23 aug 2008 19:32:51 +1000
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subject: amy interview from kuar

hey folks,

here's an amy article/interview from the kuar (arkansas public radio) web=
site.  you can read it online at=

shame they couldn't get her name right though, heh...


---begin forwarded article---
rays is on the move
musician amy ray discusses her solo career and her latest work with the=
indigo girls.

by shane harrison

amy ray isn't just half of the indigo girls. she's also a solo artist with,=
as of today, three albums to her credit.

she has her own record label. she even has her own online tv station on=, but you can see her video posts on her myspace page=
( over the past couple of weeks, she's posted=
impromptu acoustic versions of songs from her new album, "didn't it feel=

in between work on those videos, we sat down with ray in the offices of=
indigo girls manager russell carter near downtown atlanta to talk about=
album no. 3, her label daemon, touring plans and what's happening with the=
indigo girls.

on daemon records: "i decided to take a couple of years, straighten out all=
the bookkeeping, make sure everything is really solid, the web site, just=
make sure everything works. i want to do it myself until i understand it.

"then i want to understand what a record label is for anymore. because indie=
artists, like (daemon artists) girlyman for instance, i kept telling them,=
'you guys do not need a label. you can do everything for yourselves. i'm=
taking money from you that you don't need to give me.'

"there's still a place for someone who's willing to create infrastructure=
and work the record and do all that so the artist can just tour and do=
their thing."

on the new album: "it's definitely more diverse than the others. it's got a=
couple of mellower sort of numbers on it. and one that's kind of more soul,=
'she's got to be,' which also probably has some '70s rock influence on it.=
like 'birds of a feather,' (atlanta band three5human's) tomi martin came in=
and played guitar on it, and it became an almost built to spill/pink=
floyd-y kind of song. it was something different before, but i love the way=
it is now. 'bus bus' is very influenced by modern stuff.

"'who sold the gun' is really clash-influenced. but 'out on the farm' and=
'rabbit foot,' those two kind of quiet things, those are directly=
collaborative with arizona, this band i play with. so those really draw on=
a lot of their influences."

on upcoming shows and tours: "i have an indigo girls tour in september, but=
i'm going to new york for a week and playing a show with this. arizona's=
going to come up there and brandi carlile is going to sit in, and we're=
doing a cd release show at this place called housing works cafe in support=
of their hiv and homelessness program. they do great things in the=
community, so we're going to raise money for them and do a cd release party=
at the same time.

"then here, i'll do something. i wanted to wait a couple of months. last=
time i toured right when i put the record out and it didn't feel that good.=
i mean, it felt good playing, but it was hard to draw, the record hadn't=
been out long enough and it just felt like i needed to plant the seed a=
little better."

what's going on with the indigo girls: "(after the september dates) we'll=
reconvene in february with a new record that we just finished.

"i finished my solo one, and then a few weeks later emily and i started=
arranging songs. we had a lot of stuff worked up, then we got dropped by=
hollywood, our label...mitchell froom called us and was like, 'i still want=
to produce the record.' we went into the studio and did a record in three=

who's putting out the indigo girls record: "we are. not daemon, but just us.=
we're going to put it out through (manager carter's) office and get a=
distribution deal that has good coverage. it's good. i don't want to be on=
a label anymore. i wouldn't mind being on daemon, but i think that's too=
much of a conflict because if emily was having a problem with the record=
label, she'd have to talk to me about it. (laughs) that wouldn't work."

shane harrison writes for the atlanta journal-constitution.

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