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date:  fri, 18 jul 2008 05:20:48 -0700
from:  sue steinike <>
subject: wolf trap last night 7-17-08

hello all!

hope there are still some people left on the list; it's been so quiet lately! i know there are several other sites where ig fans congregate, but this is it for me right now. :-)

last night's show at wolf trap had brandi carlile as the opener, and to those who have posted raves about her in the past, you are right on!! she was terrific! great voice and harmonies from her backup band. she said they are recording a new album and took a break from the studio to tour with the girls for a while.

brandi did mostly her own songs, then launched into "folsom prison blues" and people went wild - it was great.

the girls hade a keyboard/accordion player with them (can't remember her name, sorry...i think it was jule wolf??) and mentioned several times how much they like coming to wolf trap. it was pretty hot and humid and emily said she loved it because it was like being back in georgia. amy had a neat t-shirt on - it was an argyle pattern, but where the big diamonds are part of the design, there were skulls. the guy sitting next to me let me use his binoculars and i spotted that, plus amy's stick-on mustache for the last few songs. lol

as far as the set list, there were a few songs i haven't heard live before, like heartache for everyone. they played a couple of new ones they're working on, and had brandi and her band come out for a few like virginia woolf, ctf, galileo, and rock 'n roll heaven't gate. they also did don't think twice it's alright with just brandi and the crowd loved it, and amy and brandi did a song called stand and deliver that was really good and i had never heard before.

if i hadn't gotten busted by security i could think of a few more, but sadly, i didn't switch out the memory card in the camera before i had the guy right on me. :-( sooooo did anyone out there tape the show? if so, please email me; i can send you a few cds (man, i remember doing all of the tape trading "bandp" back in the day...) or trade the videos i got at a show in pa a couple of years ago that turned out pretty well.

tonight they are in wilmington, de and i hope the traffic isn't horrific driving up there... hope to hear more reviews of other shows!



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date:  fri, 18 jul 2008 13:13:27 -0400
from:  richard sayre <>
subject: re: wolf trap last night 7-17-08

okay this is the fourth attempt to send a message through... apparently my
text is too enriched for netspace, so i'll try it without quoting and i'll
send a copy to sue directly. you mentioned that amy and brandi sang a song
called stand and deliver, which you hadn't heard before-
that title sounded very familiar, so i checked the daemon site- "stand and
deliver" is listed as one of the songs from amy's new solo album, didn't it
feel kinder. sounds like a great show!
i just love brandi carlile- she's probably the one new artist i've heard
over the last 3 years that i have really gotten completely into. both of her
albums are really worth checking out. in fact a+e sing harmonies on the
second one...

i never said 'i want to be alone.'
i only said 'i want to be left alone.'
there is all the difference. -garbo

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