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  [ig-news] amy interview podcast     [sherlyn koo <>]


date: thu, 20 dec 2007 08:38:59 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy interview podcast

hi folks,

there's an podcast interview with amy that's just been released - see  
below for


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art+ on kdrt interviews indigo girls about their support of low power fm and
their latest album

autumn labbe-renault, executive director of davis media access interviewed
indigo girls' amy ray on art+ about their latest album, despite our  
and indigo girls support of lower power fm.

davis, ca, december 17, 2007 --( in this interview amy ray  
talked about
why the indigo girls support low power fm and why it's important to have local
radio stations that broadcast the voices of their communities. the interview
includes a lively discussion of some of the songs on indigo girls'  
latest album,
despite our differences. the songs included pendulumn swinger and they won't
have me, among others.

amy ray also discussed her independent record label, daemon records  
and her new
album, amy ray and the volunteers: live from knoxville.

the interview is podcast on itunes and podcast alley and is available on art+
website for more information about kdrt, please

the audio file of this interview is available from

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